Does this guy get a set of steak knives or something?

Wisconsin just issued its 100,000th concealed/carry permit. The quote of the day comes from J.B. Van Hollen:

“There were doomsday people out there, before concealed carry was passed, who were predicting, of course, the doom and gloom that when we put more guns on the street, that when more people are able to carry concealed weapons, that we’re going to have more problems,” he said. “Nothing could have been further from the truth.”

OK, maybe a fair point. I can’t find statistical data out there yet that shows changes in gun-related deaths. I’m figuring this is something that might take a while to fully sort out. My only great hope is that the Journal-Sentinel decides to send the watchdog team after this and see if the bear shit in the woods. It seems like of all the officials, groups and organizations out there, only the JS’s Dan Bice/Raquel Routledge all-stars manage to shine light on crap like this in any kind of effective way.


In more fun news, I’ve been obsessing about this for at least a week now. Watch and witness the rise of Jeff Daniels:



4 thoughts on “Does this guy get a set of steak knives or something?

  1. Admittedly, anecdotal arguments can be cherry-picked from either side. But the quote is really a strange statement in light of Trayvon Martin. However, there are also ample statistical studies showing a (from memory) tripling of fatal shootings in areas with Stand Your Ground.
    Also, imagine a kid walking down the street, in no hurry to reach his destination. Some guy slows his car to walking speed to follow the kid (abduction plan?). Car stops and guy jumps out and kid runs. So wouldn’t Trayvon Martin not only be justified under “stand your ground” but also shown that he retreated from the danger and the guy kept after him? Perhaps Martin saw the pistol or Zimmerman even made a point of displaying the pistol?
    Now what if Martin had also been carrying a sidearm?

  2. Isn’t it kind of startling that the best way they can defend their stance is “Se! We haven’t fucked up in a way that, as of yet, is statistically distinguishable from before”
    A low bar to set for yourself there, bro.

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