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I loved the latest episode, Christmas Waltz. It had a Season1 or 2 feel with the return of Kinsey and the flirtfest between Don and Joan. All it lacked was the return of my homeboy, Bryan Batt, as Sal. I have renewed hope that he’ll be back, perhaps in time for the company Easter egg hunt or something…

Lane Returns: I’m not quite sure what to make of this sub-plot. I know he has that stiff upper lip thing going on but if he’d gone to Don or Roger, he might not have had to resort to embezzlement. Hell, Roger has been the personal banker for half the cast this season. The skill that Lane showed whilst tracing the Draper autograph gave me pause. Has the seemingly mousy Brit stolen from work before? He *was* so mistreated by his former employers that he ripped off the old school tie and joined the SCDP uprising, after all.

Roger and Joan: I’ve been surprised that more of theMad Men commentariat haven’t focused on the news that Roger knows that Kevin is the fruit of his loins as it were. They keep teasing us with Roger and Joan and we saw, that despite the obvious chemistry between them, it’s over between them. I guess Joan doesn’t approve of Hawaiian shirt wearing men who get bombed on Pearl Harbor Day. Banzai, Roger.

Don and Joan: This was one of the bestMad Men sequences ever as Don rescues Joan from her rage over Dr. Dick’s dumping her. Don also saved the dingbat receptionist from the wrath of Joanie. Fly little birdbrain fly…

The interplay between Don and Joan at both the Jaguar dealership and the bar was in a word, scintillating. Don was at his suavest and Joan at her most fetching. The air crackled with sexual tension, which led nowhere. Good. I would hate for them to get horizontal. The tease is much more fun than the consummation on a teevee show like this:Moonlighting anyone? Also, if it happens Megan will throw more food against the wall and that would be wasteful. Temper, temper. Don hasn’t fallen off the fidelity wagon YET and I, for one, hope he doesn’t. If someone in Draperville cheats, I hope it’s the Missus…

Hare Harry, Hare Lakshmi: I halfway expected Kinsey the pot smoking boho/beatnik wannabe of Sterling Cooper to turn up with as a radical lefty with hair down to his ass. But that would have been too predictable. Instead he was a shaven head, tambourine banging Krishna motherfucker. Brilliant. I laughed for at least 2 minutes when I saw him looking like an Ivy League Buddha.

The episode showed the best and worst of Harry Crane.Harry may be a jerk but he’s a good friend to Kinsey. SCDP’s bumbling media maven handled his old pal with exquisite tact and consideration. Except, that is, for boning Paul’s beloved Lakshmi on his desk. Bad boy, bad move. That was one thing that didn’t ring true in this episode: if Lakshmi was trying to manipulate Harry, it would have been more effective to string him along and tease like the latest incarnation of Blaze Starr. She was a Hindi Goddess, right? Maybe not. I did, however, enjoy the solid punch Mother Lakshmi landed to the Crane jaw. Ouch.

I’m not sure if Kinsey will ever sell a script toStar Trek but I’m glad he’s fled the Hairy Fishnuts. They’re creepy and annoying. He did, however, look pretty good with the shaved head and pony tail thing; not everyone can pull that look off…

I’ll let George Harrison have the last word: Hare Kinsey, Hare Harry.

6 thoughts on “Mad Men Thread: Hare Kinsey

  1. Sort of a tangent, but I keep wondering if a major crisis will erupt if/when Dr. Dick requests custody of his not-child…

  2. As much as I deplore religiosity of any stripe, I love that George Harrison song beyond all sensible explanation. And when Billy Preston breaks it out, I’m near bout ready to go ahead and renounce my lack of faith. Hairy Hairy!

  3. I loved the Don and Joan scene also. Indeed harkening back to the Don of yore. But, instead of coming home to good old passive-aggressive Betty, he comes home to the fiery Megan. I also liked that he figured he could just grab her and pacify her with some more angry sex, but she was having none of that. Sorry Don. The old tricks don’t work so much on this one.
    I don’t think the writers will spoil Mad Men with a Don/Joan match-up, though. Both Don and Joan know that their fun lies only in the flirtation. He knows that Joan has his number, which means she’ll play, but she won’t succumb. Plus, Joan isn’t his “type.” Remember what she told Peggy about the type of woman Don marries?

  4. MichaelF: You’re thinking too modern. Women got the kids back then. A man demanding full custody would be somewhat radical, especially for that douchbag…
    Somebody’s gonna die. I’m betting Megan.

  5. First of all, women did not always get the kids back then. Betty could have lost her kids because she was unable to support them. Joan could be proved to be an unfit mother because of her morals and inability to provide a stable home life. We don’t even know what Greg is citing as grounds for divorce from Joan. Could the man at the bar (at 7:30) be an investigator?
    Roger being Kevin’s father is not news. Joan told Roger that she was pregnant with his child last season. Joan was going to abort, but changed her mind. Joan then continued to work at SCDP. How could Roger not know that the baby Joan was carrying was his?

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