Crazy People Cannot Be Bought

Dear, sweet Democrats. When will you ever learn?

The conventional wisdom over the Affordable Care Act’s expansion of Medicaid, which SCOTUS ruled could not be compulsory, was always: no worries! Look howgenerous the Feds are being with the states! No state, even the reddest of the red states, would turn this deal down! Or, as Matthew Yglesias put it,

[..] Congress’ approach was essentially to make Red America an offer it couldn’t refuse—expansion could be done on very generous terms with the federal government picking up over 90 percent of the tab, but failure to expand would come with a hefty financial penalty in terms of lost matching Medicaid grants.

We heard this tripe repeated by all of the wise ones in our media, and evenI knew it was bullshit. Sure enough, Red America is saying no. Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Louisiana, Wisconsin — and who wants to bet that wingnutty governors in Oklahoma, Michigan and other places won’t also follow suit?

Who is shocked at this development? Anyone? Bueller? Please. I could have told you this would happen.

Democrats, listen to me when I tell you: crazy people cannot be bought. Were you not paying attention during the Republican debates when the crowd yelled “let him die!” at Wolf Blitzer’s hypothetical uninsured young person who suddenly needs care? When Blitzer asked who should pay, did you not hear Ron Paul reply “the churches,” to the cheers and hollers of the crowd? These are not people who think caring for the poor is their responsibility. Let someone else deal with it! Churches or … hey, just maybe they’ll die and then we won’t have to worry about it anymore. Freedom!

Democrats, listen to me when I tell you: the Republican Party is rife with assholes, sadists and masochists. It’s true! Have you not seen fleets of Hummers traveling the interstates of Red America, despite $3-plus gas prices? Why do they do this? Because sending a “fuck you” to Al Gore and the rest of the effete liberal tree huggers is more important than the $100 it costs to make it to Walmart. That’s money well spent to this crowd.

Democrats: these are people who have been voting against their own economic interests since forever. You thought you couldbribe these people with generous federal money? Chumps. They don’t care about money and they sure as hell don’t care about the poor. They call them mooches and leeches, and blithely tell the unemployed to just “get a job” during the Second Great Depression, as if jobs grow on trees. This crop of Republican governors would set fire to a homeless person on national television if they thought they could score a political point and take that uppity Obama down a peg.

Democrats, listen to me when I tell you: you are not dealing with rational people. Please stop acting as if you are. We need you to show up and get on message here. Dangling little bipartisan baubles is not working.

12 thoughts on “Crazy People Cannot Be Bought

  1. problem is reasonable people can’t imagine unreasonable people exist. you’d think the birthers would show it.

  2. The problem is that the Democrats and Republicans are on the same team. All that “non-cooperation” is a bug, not a feature.
    Why would the “good cop” want the “bad cop” to start acting sane? It would spoil their routine!

  3. I don’t see what the Democrats get out of Republicans being crazy. They aren’t winning landslide elections or raking in bazillions of dollars. No matter how crazy Republicans get, the Democrats are still playing defense.
    So, bullshit.

  4. ah willf…I see the old “there the same”, “both sides do it”…whatever you call it…has reared it’s ugly head. There are those how believe this, but to do so requires one to not apply any critical thinking to the state of American politics. For 30 plus years, the republicans have been hammering the basic points, liberals are evil, stupid, facists, socialists, communists, fucksticks, and whatever else fits the rge. this has been done through hate radio, bizzare chain emails, every election, using complete bullshit to prove the points. Hate radio and web sites have shamed the media to believe that there is a liberal bias if the media points out the bullshit on the republicans. So the media has become a tool of false equvialancies…there is no difference between them, Well, I hear that every election, so let’s see how that works. you would be hard pressed to convinve me that Al Gore would have let OBL fly planes into the towers, let Enron continue on with it’s shell game and play havoc on California, outed a CIA spy because her husband called the bullshit out…and so on
    No both sides do not do it, both sides are not the same, one side if filled with hate and venom, the other side has been trying to get haters to understand that we can all get aling, so I think, this article is saying, time to stop, time to come to terms and time to put an end to the bullshit. If you are a liberal, you are hated, not for your policies, or for any reason other than you are liberal. The evil word, liberal, liberals will steal your guns, lay around all day and feed off the gov’t, take away all churches and put up satan altars…an so on and so on

  5. SB,
    see, you still think that the “good cop”, and the “bad cop” oppose each other. They don’t.
    No matter how crazy Republicans get, the Democrats are still playing defense.
    Right, just like the Washington Generals are always playing defense against the Globetrotters. You’d think the generals would learn some new moves by now, huh? You’d think they’d learn that those Globetrotters just aren’t going to play fair.
    And ChuckleNuts, just because it’s Good cop/bad cop doesn’t mean that there aren’t any differences between them. One still has to be the good cop, one gets to be the bad cop. The good cop has to act nice or people stop thinking of him as the good cop. But that doesn’t mean he’s on your side.

  6. The Harlem Globetrotters? Really? That’s entertainment, that’s not real life. Just like “24” was entertainment not real life.
    Really, you didn’t answer my question because you can’t. How do the Democrats benefit by having the Republicans be crazy, sociopathic, racist nutballs? How are they benefiting? Are they bringing in big shit-tons of money? No Romney is winning that race, thanks to Citizens United, made possible by the most conservative SCOTUS in my lifetime thanks to the last Republican president.
    You’re not making sense. I deal in reality not someone’s boo-hoo’s about the Democrats not being as progressive as they’d like. They’re not perfect but the idea that they’re colluding with Republicans so they get to lay “good cop” makes no sense whatsoever. Why would Republicans do this?
    If you want to look for collusion, look at the news media. They are the only ones profiting from our political dysfunction right now.

  7. SB, let me answer your question to willf since you don’t seem to get it. Both parties get paid by the same people (see Occupy Wall Street), just as both the Globetrotters and the Generals get paid by the same people. The Dems and the GOP’s game is to deliver the peoples money to the 1%; in return for finacial renumeration.

  8. Dave, yes, you can find areas where the two parties can appear to be equivalant, and I support the occupy wall st movement, but there is a huge difference between the two parties.
    If two people are sitting at a table, and one lifts his hand above his head and slams it on the table, the other lifts his hand 6 inches off the table and brings it back down to hit the table with little force, then sure, you can say both people (sides) hit the table, but apply some critical thinking to the analogy, and what you get is not equivalant, maybe that is a lame analogy, but hopefully it makes my point

  9. “…but there is a huge difference between the two parties.” -Southern Beale
    I know there is a huge difference between the average Democratic voter and the average TeaTard, but I’m not at all sure there is that much difference between Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell.

  10. Mr Manhammer…I think that qoute was from me, but if you are calling me a southern belle…thank you , not had that one tossed me before!! Anyway, thanks for the laugh
    But I will disagree, again there is a huge difference between Reid and McConnell, and I know the MSM wil bend over backwards and try to make them equal.
    Let me ask you this, did Harry Reid sit in the restaurant the day GWB was being inagurated with 8 – 10 congressman, Frank Lutz and Newt gingrich and plan out how they would make sure the President, who was elected by the American people, would be a one term president? Jeff Sessions, who was their, used the term insurgency, to describe the tactis, they all agreed, no matter what he sent down, they would oppose. And by the congressinal record, you can see how many times they fillibustered (i think over 200 on just economic plans alone), how many times they used the bitch manuever of the secret no vote.
    No, he has in his entire career, never done anything so treasonous, un-american as that, and this is what I will continue to say, one side thinks they are right, and no matter what, they are right, because they are driven by the will of God, the compass of Morality (both are just their talking points) and no liberal will ever be right, because we are dirty fucking hippies

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