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  1. People like to call me Pete but it’s not me. Why? My favorite uncle is named Pete and he and Mr. Townshend will always be Pete to me. Some people do indeed call me Adrastos though.

  2. Actually, “Jay” is my nickname; my actual first name is John, but the same is true for my father and my mom wanted to keep us sorted out.
    When I was in the SCA for a short while, my name there was “Ian”; some people got used to calling my that even outside of the SCA, but that was a long time ago.
    I have another screen name that I use for online games, and the few times that I’ve met people in real life from those games they called me that because it was easier to remember than my real name (which they learned along with several dozen others all at once).

  3. I was nicknamed Cleo as a preschooler. I was named Caroline after my paternal grandmother, but by the time I was four my parents knew that I shared little with my namesake. A popular sitcom in the 1950s (“The People’s Choice”) featured a wise-cracking basset hound named Cleo, and so I had a new namesake.
    The nickname prevailed in part because the Disney cartoon “Pinocchio” had a goldfish named Cleo, and people unfamiliar with the basset hound story thought that the nickname correlated my red hair with the goldfish.

  4. My last name is Sanders, and someone in the first week of my freshman year of college called me “Sandman.” It stuck, and it’s all my close friends from college have ever called me since.

  5. At the James Madison Park basketball court years ago some of the folks called me Vlade, because, like Vlade Divac, I was a slow, tall white guy with a beard…couldn’t jump very high but could fill the lane and post up if they needed someone for that.

  6. While I generally call myself Pete, my brother’s called me Bep since forever, and now he’s got my significant other calling me that too.

  7. Of course, Dr A is a nickname from the hubby, which I have never particularly liked but I am stuck with it now. I have one friend who calls me Andrew and I call her Vincent.
    Of course, Adrastos didn’t mention that I have always called him sweet PEA (from his initials) and “aged P” from Great Expectations. Sometimes PEA and my sisters call me Gracie. Of course, my dream nickname is “She Who Must Be Obeyed”

  8. Um…Frog. I’ve been called Frog all of my life by significant people whom I cannot, in good conscience, eradicate from the planet.
    No, I will not tell you why.

  9. In high school, due to my adoration and regular re-reading of “To Kill A Mockingbird” – I was “Scout” to a select group. Most of the time, I’m just known by my daily wear name. But most of my Houston friends and some NOLA peeps call me “Wendl”, a nickname (not that it’s any stubbier than my actual name..) bestowed upon me by a former friend (when we were friends). I like it.

  10. Along the line in high school a dear friend gave me the moniker “Zeek”, which some of that crew still use on me. The wife used to call me Wally, the civilian name of my favorite superhero, but still calls me Bear. My favorite these days, though, is Daddy.

  11. God, I wish. I have one of those incredibly boring, plain names that does not lend itself to nicknames. At least my last name is interesting.

  12. “Lex” is a nickname, my legal name being a Southern gothic monstrosity with no middle name and a Roman numeral after it. But it’s also pretty much all I’ve been called for 50+ years, except for “Daddy” and “LA.” my initials. It sounds so fake that during my years in radio, I used it on the air.
    True fact: There is another Lex Alexander in North Carolina, a restaurateur and former pro golfer. He’s a few years older than I, we both grew up in Charlotte, and when I was a little kid I used to get his overdue-book notices from the public library (and, for all I know, he got mine). We’ve never met, but we know a lot of the same people.

  13. In 7th grade, I was “Pixie”. The only time I will ever cop to this is on a dead thread on a blog that no one I know IRL knows about.

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