6 thoughts on “My Latest Piece for FDL Got A Little Personal

  1. Hey Allison,
    Not sure (why would I be?) where you stand on the Western vs. Eastern medicine, but it might be worthwhile letting the other variety of doc try to help. I was in a herb study group with a young woman who related having been to see Dr. Ginger (actual name has a lot of Xs in it) for endometriosis. She had also had trouble conceiving. After diagnosis (cold energy in her uterus), and acupuncture and herb treatment, she had twins.
    I have been seeing Dr. Ginger off and on for about 15 years and couldn’t recommend her more highly. (Her day job is doing research in osteoporosis at Wash U Med School.) No doubt there are equally skilled OMDs in your vicinity.
    Best of luck with this and everything . . .

  2. A, when I first heard his words, I immediately thought of you and your struggles. It pissed me off that he would insinuate a woman’s feelings would trigger magic secretions and hormones to either keep or reject a pregnancy. If our uteri, ovaries and vaginas were that cooperative, we wouldn’t need birth control, fertility treatments or abortion.
    I haven’t read your piece yet, just the first few lines. Before I finished, I had to come back and say what I had been thinking since Sunday. I’ve been waiting on your response to this fool. Now I’m off to read it.

  3. “cold energy in her uterus”
    *headdesk* Vitalism isn’treal. Anybody who uses “energy” in this sense needs to take remedial physics courses, starting with the stuff they should have learnt in elementary school.
    Accupuncture is an elaborate placebo, which may mean it works better for some people than less elaborate placebos, but placebos are still really unethical — you’re paying someone to con you into thinking they did something effective to you.
    Coincidences (ie. “I did this and then I had kids”) also do happen, and correlation is not causation no matter how loudly you clap.

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