3 thoughts on “Arlen Specter Has Died

  1. Mixed feeling about old Snarlin’ Arlen — at times he could be unbelievably frustrating, but did go Democratic in the end and helped pass the ACA…
    And…guess I’m going to step into it here, but I think he was correct re: the so-called magic bullet that hit Kennedy and Connally — years ago I found myself in Dallas, and knowing I wouldn’t likely ever go back, decided to visit Dealey Plaza. It’s a lot smaller than photos and dioramas make it seem, and Elm Street has a fairly significant grade going towards the underpass (which I was under before I realized it).
    After seeing the place, “the question” in my mind went from “how many shots can be fired in ‘x’ seconds” to “why did it take more than one shot to begin with?”
    Just saying. Sorry to digress.
    I expect Arlen won’t be forgotten for at least a while…

  2. saying no problem to Bork and yes to Obamacare isn’t a bad legacy. It was mixed bag beyond that but he put in a good shift for an old prosecutor from Philly.

  3. GB, your analysis has the bell like ring of truth. At least I bevleie so. I must confess I am bereft of analytical ability at the moment. Two mornings in a row women are murdered before breakfast and now they’ve found killer bees in St. Bernard.WTF???

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