Right About Everything: Rest, George McGovern


Elected to the Senate in 1962, Mr. McGovern left no special mark in his three terms, but he voted consistently in favor of civil rights and antipoverty bills, was instrumental in developing and expanding food stamp and nutrition programs, and helped lead opposition to the Vietnam War in the Senate.

He would have been an extraordinary president.


3 thoughts on “Right About Everything: Rest, George McGovern

  1. McGovern advocated ending the embargo of Cuba in 1965 and proposed opening relations with Communist China years before Nixon. The reason “Only Nixon could go to China” was that the red-baiting Nixon would have raked anyone else over the coals.

  2. Think what our country could have grown into had he won.
    A true patriot, a decent, honorable man. Cast my first presidential vote for him.

  3. A genuine war hero. Read “The Wild Blue” about how he became a pilot at 21 and flew 35 bombing missions in a B-24. Remarkably brave and modest man.

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