Kaiser Rhymes With Liar

Remember my open letter to Andrew Cuomoabout former Katrina Kaiser (as opposed to Kay Kyser) Ed Blakely? I kept wondering why there was no confirmation from Noo Yawk and when the Sandy Commission was announced, the pompous Dr. Blakely’s name was missing.Here’s how the Gambit covered it:

Brad Penuel, the co-chair of the New York Hurricane Sandy commission to which Dr. Ed Blakely claimed he had been appointed last week, toldGambit by phone today he wasn’t familiar with Blakely — and in a subsequent email, added, Just received confirmation that Ed Blakely will not be serving on the Commission.”

Blakely — the Hurricane Katrina “recovery czar” who had been
appointed under former Mayor Ray Nagin — made big waves last week when
his new employer, the University of Sydney in Australia, issued a press release saying Blakely had been appointed to the Respond Commission. Blakely gavean interview on the subject to an Australian radio station, confirming the appointment.

The Respond Commission is one of three announced by the state of New
York to analyze the response to Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath.
Penuel, its co-chair, is also director of the Center for Catastrophe
Preparedness and Response at New York University,

An official press release released an hour ago from New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s
office announced the commission’s makeup and made no mention of
Blakely, although it noted “Additional appointments may be made to the

Penuel, though, made it clear that Blakely would not be one of them.

I’m not sure if the flack from NOLA caused a retreat or Blakely just lied about it. My money is on the latter. Kaiser Ed has never been part of the reality based community and he’s too old to start now.

4 thoughts on “Kaiser Rhymes With Liar

  1. Well done, Adrastos. Just remember, you must only use your power for good (kinda like this time).

  2. Could be a little of both. One thing I found out easily and quickly on your previous post is that after Katrina, Blakely at his own expense, from Australia, lobbied with NOLA to create the post and put him in it.
    Talk about cows feeding from the govt trough (plus Heck of Job Brownie using his experience to be a professional disaster relief company and political commentator).
    Either way, bet the Univ of Australia administration is quite POed at being drug into the circus.

  3. Off topic but interesting about NY, NY disaster relief.
    Remember how Bloomberg made a point at a political stab by refusing federal help?
    Well, he is now going to congress for increased govt disaster funds.

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