7 thoughts on “Going New York Postal

  1. The NRA attacked the media as a cause of the school shootings.
    I don’t think “reasonable” has anything to do with it.

  2. The scuttlebutt is that Murdoch was appalled by the Newtown shooting and laid down the editorial law across the chain.
    Which meant that Roger Ailes, through Fox News, wasn’t allowed to say anything for a few days.
    Murdoch was happy enough for Fox News to be shills for the NRA for years, when it benefitted the conservative cause and protected the votes of the base. Now that the NRA is on everyone’s shit list, ol’ Ruprecht doesn’t want to be chum in the water with sharks approaching.
    Give it a while, and they’ll be back to guns, god and gravy are good for you.

  3. As an unofficial indicator, despite being in a very pro-gun rural area (note, I didn’t say pro 2nd amendment. These folks are pro gun), with plenty of pro-gun folks who will post to the TV news comments their pro-gun bravado at the drop of a hat (and regardless of any sign of caring for the situation will brag at how they would have shot the person if they were there including news stories of where a person was injured or killed),
    Kind of interesting that none of them have commented on the news story about the NRA plan.

  4. I just want to print a giant poster of the Jobs quote in his biography. He was lecturing Rupert Murdock of Mordor and said that the axis in this country was no longer liberal and conservative but constructive and destructive.

  5. Dare I hope that the extremists have gone so far that the reasonable people will be able to talk?

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