Clarence Thomas Meets John Entwistle

The beltway political press is wetting themselves today about porn lovin’ Supreme Clarence Thomas. He spoke in court for the first time in 7 years. Big Fucking Deal. Me, I wish he’d retire but they’ll have to carry him out of there as long as the Democrats control the White House.

According to Slate’s ghoulishly delightful Supreme Court Justice Death Calculator, there is only a 10.17% chance that Thomas will kick the bucket by 2017, so he’ll probably wait another 7 years til opening his yap/bazoo/piehole again.

You’re probably asking yourself how the late, great-and stolid even while alive-Who bassist John Entwistle fits into this scenario. Here’s how: he was not only called the Ox, he was also The Quiet One:

3 thoughts on “Clarence Thomas Meets John Entwistle

  1. Given Thomas’s long periods of silence, the GOP wing of the court could probably prop him up on the bench for AT LEAST five years after he dies.
    And no, you don’t want to know where Scalia has his hand.

  2. The MSM shat itself.
    The budda spoke, but history will little note nor long remember what he said.

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