Super Bowl Blues

New Orleans has hosted a shitload of Super Bowls in the past. This time, however, the powers that be have gone bat shit crazy in allowing the NFL and the teevee people to walk over them. They have turned Jackson Square into a glorified television studio and allowed the pukes at The Talk to literally desecrate/deface/brand the statue of General/President Andrew Jackson.

To prove that I am not making this up, here’s a photo posted by my facebook friend Edward Cox:

Jackson Square Blues

It’s a pity that Old Hickory isn’t around. He’d go Wayne LaPierre on their asses and fire when he saw the red of their eyes or something. Trust me, I’m not advocating violence even by dead duellists but this is ridiculous. As the old saw goes, if you give some people an inch they’ll take a mile.

I’ll be writing more about this nonsense as the week goes along. Someone will be honored for their malakatude at some point but there are so many candidates that I’m feeling indecisive. Suffice it to say, I’m nostalgic for the days when the worst thing that happened when we hosted the Super Bowl was Jim McMahon getting drunk on Bourbon Street and trash talking the city.

UPDATE: The photo was taken by Bernie Murden.

32 thoughts on “Super Bowl Blues

  1. Jude says:

    I didn’t think it was possible to desecrate anything having to do with Andrew Jackson; the man was one of the most execrable figures in all of US History.
    And that is saying something.

  2. Elspeth Ravenwind says:

    I wish the ghosts of Jackson and the Baroness Almonester Pontalba would return to knock all that crap down. It looks like a legacy admission to an architectural school who has NEVER seen real wrought iron designed what he/she/it thought was “New Orleanian”…and no one dared correct them.

  3. Tim says:

    Disgusting! If that’s what we think of the hero of the Battle of New Orleans and a former President of the United States, then just take the damn statue down. Who gave these people permission to redecorate the whole place???

  4. Jude says:

    Hero? HERO?

  5. Mike says:

    It’s a mess. I was in the Quarter on Sunday for Barkus, and won’t be heading back until all this Super Bowl stuff is over with.

  6. Mary says:

    Iam appalled. Good guy or bad guy isn’t really the question. Pimping out New Orleans landmarks is…

  7. C Romero says:

    What the hell? Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the Vieux Carre Commission and the Louisiana Department of Tourism hold sway over the park’s goings on?

  8. Infrogmation says:

    Jackson was a stone cold bastard. And a man who, when he decided someone’s ass needed to be kicked, would put all possible resources into to kicking the hell out of it.
    May whoever perpetuated this travesty meet a wrathful Andrew Jackson in their dreams tonight.

  9. scott says:

    I’ll just go down there later tonight and take the sign down. No complaints, no whining, just action.

  10. adrastos says:

    @C romero: That too. Thanks for pointing that out.

  11. tcate says:

    Mary hit the nail on the head! It is not about the up/down of A. Jackson – it is about corporate and media overlords feeling as if they can come into any town/state/country and do as they please. All the while the locals will stepinfetchit to their desires. They are the important people afterall – even as a 2nd rate Am talk show – they are our betters!
    This needs to end!

  12. jeffrey says:

    I said this on Facebook but it bears repeating.
    You may recall that Union General Benjamin Butler had the Jackson quote “The Union must and shall be preserved” inscribed on the statue as a way of kind of thumbing his nose at Confederates in the occupied city.
    Gen. Butler’s move we can describe as witty and poignant because.. you know.. fuck the slaveocracy. The inscription is still there today. But CBS’s defacing of the statue is far less elegant.

  13. jeffrey says:

    It’s like The View but on a different channel. If you want to do one yourself, The Noise is still available. Grab it before you’re stuck with The Smell.

  14. Pamela says:

    Why are all of you shocked about what they are doing in Jackson Square? They rebuilt the dome so they could play a football again before Katrina victims had homes to live in!

  15. The Baronness d’ Pontalba would be how-you-say “pissed”, seeing as how she had that statue of Jackson built and placed just so, specifically so that he would be tipping his hat to her, every morning when she looked out at it (something he never would do when they met, so she got in the last word).
    Somehow I don’t think that the old criminal himself would give a toss, eh?

  16. jeffrey says:

    Yes. It was removed only after a series of complaints… and, I’m gonna go ahead and guess.. after The Talk was finished filming it. Here is the Mayor’s stupid dishonest response. It was removed because it was, apparently, “A light reflection issue.”

  17. Charlotte says:

    There’s a rumor it’s going back up tomorrow. Lunanola’s going to go over and check on it in the a.m. And it’s not that we’re “shocked” about the sign, it’s just disrespectful to the residents of the city and to the monument. They could do the same thing with stakes in the ground. Duh. Don’t complain in closed quarters if you aren’t willing to speak up in public, ie: social media.
    Just sayin.

  18. adrastos says:

    What Charlotte said. My money is that it’s back up.

  19. Janet says:

    Gotta go with Mary. I’m no fan of Andrew Jackson but as a justice advocate, I don’t think there’s any room for equivocation. Defacing a historical monument for a football game is just wrong.

  20. NolaNana says:

    WTH is The Talk?

  21. jeffrey says:

    Also: Welcome to The Feel with our guest Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  22. adrastos says:

    I agree with you about Gen Jax but this is about the NOLA powers that be whoring the city out.

  23. JOE says:


  24. Athena says:

    They would have had to clear all of their temporary signage with the local commissions. They aren’t allowed to erect anything that would cause permanent damage. See Coke for details: Do I like the extreme over-commercialization? No. But this is what has become of the spectacle that is the Superbowl, and that it is happening in such an historic city doesn’t change that.

  25. MichaelF says:

    I’ve been missing the big city — haven’t been down since early December — but will wait until Super Bowl season is over before traveling.

  26. El_Guapo_01 says:

    What you don’t have a picture of yet is the “How I Met Your Mother” banner on St. Louis Cathedral and the “NCIS” sign on the Cabildo.

  27. Ashley M says:

    How do I contact Bernie Murden who took the photo? We’d like to use it in our newsletter ( Thanks!!

  28. C Romero says:

    @adrastos: they’re limiting access to the park

  29. Cara says:

    According to Parkway the sign is only supposed to be up during tapping and is not attached to the statue but appears to be attached. Everyone should flood Parkway’s phone with complaints.

  30. adrastos says:

    @Joe: This is a banner placed on a national landmark. Quite different.
    @scott: Square is closed after dark. Better go soon.

  31. Infrogmation says:

    “This sign has been removed.” – Mitch Landrieu.

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