Album Cover Art Wednesday: A Salty Dog

There’s a semi-lively debate as to who was the first prog band. Some say the Beatles, Pink Floyd, or the Mothers. I lean in the direction of Procol Harum. One thing I’m certain of is thatA Salty Dogwas the first LP I bought because of the cover art. I saw it and had to have it even after learning that it was derived from a cigarette pack. That’s probably why the sailor looks so scuzzy and disreputable.


Here’s the title track:

8 thoughts on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: A Salty Dog

  1. i’m a diff generation. i have no idea why i got this out of the sale bin, just remember i was very pleased at my blind pic. funny, the daniel lanois has a ship song too. i suppose EL&p is later. my uncles had a lot of albums.

  2. First time commenter here. I thought it was prog too, but over time (and learning what the band members themselves wanted to do) I now think Procol Harum was a kind of prematurely gray and philosophical Motown. Their first four albums are all amazing, and they all have terrific hippie-era cover art too.

  3. Welcome, Michael. Home is my favorite early album since it’s the one where Robin Trower stepped up as a killer guitar player. The opening chords of Whiskey Train still make the hairs on my neck stand up in amazement.

  4. Thanks! While I think Trower was always a killer guitar player (consider “The Devil Came from Kansas,” which you name-checked superbly, or “Repent Walpurgis” from their debut) I recognize that when Matthew Fisher quit the band, he left a major hole, which Trower was well equipped to fill.
    I read First Draft for the news and politics, as an aging hippie liberal, but there isn’t often anything new and useful I can say about that stuff, so I’ll probably just comment on music posts.

  5. I’d vote for Days of Future Passed by The Moody Blues – it came out in November, 1967, about 18 months prior to the Procol Harum LP…both had great cover art, I must admit! Thanks for your focus on album cover art – keep up the good work!
    Mike G, curator
    Portland, OR

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