Take A Deep Breath

The horrendous Boston Marathon bombing has the 24/7 news cycle wigging out as is the 24/7 social media babble. Everyone has a theory-I do too-but nobody really knows what happened just yet, and neither do I.

Here’s the deal: we’ve all gotten used to things happening quickly in the era of the interwebs. Instant gratification just isn’t possible in an investigation such as this one.

Conclusion jumping has become our national pastime, but sometimes you’ve just gotta be patient, take a deep breath, and try to relax. This is one of those times.

5 thoughts on “Take A Deep Breath

  1. Yeah I’ve got a theory but I’m keeping my lip zipped until we know more. I have to say, at least on my Twitter feed and Facebook page, people seem to be pretty responsible about the not-speculating stuff right now. Other than the usual suspects, of course: the Fox News douche who said we should “kill them all,” and Pam Geller who blamed a “Jihadi.”
    In the meantime, it just breaks my heart that the finish line of the race was supposedly a tribute to the Newtown shooting victims. I can’t imagine having to experience BOTH tragedies a few months apart. My heart goes out to those folks.

  2. SB, I’m jealous. My Facebook has become completely unreadable. As usually happens for about a week after some major disaster. It’s a vicious cocktail of attention-whoring, sanctimonious “we just need to love Jesus more” bullshit, and “stuff my brother’s roommate’s cousin told me he heard on the radio.”

  3. I have some of that too, A. I am knee deep in left wing conspiracy theories as well. The wading is getting harder all the time…

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