NOLA Notes: Mother’s Day Shooting Follow Up

The good news is that they got theputrid gangbanger who opened fire on the second line in Treme. I should say alleged shooter but the case looks rock solid unless, that is, they blow it. Mayor Landrieu and Chief Serpasare spending way too much time boasting about it for my taste but that’s what pols and po pos do.

NOLA blogger Deb (Big Red) Cotton is going to make it, but she’s still in the hospital and faces a long and costly recovery. If you’d like to help defray her medical costsCLICK HERE.

Deb moderated the closing panel at Rising Tide 6, the one that Athenae attended. The panel included members of the TBC Brass Band who were at the second line on Mother’s Day. Their gear got stomped on but otherwise they’re okay. Here’s the video of Deb’s panel:

Rising Tide 6 – Brass Bands, New Orleans Music fromJason Berry onVimeo.

One thought on “NOLA Notes: Mother’s Day Shooting Follow Up

  1. Thanks for posting the Vimeo link. I remember being a little tired at the end of that day, and not much looking forward to the drive back to BR…glad I listened to the discussion and caught the music. They gave me more than enough energy to get home.
    Also good to hear they’re ok, though I’ll be making a donation and hoping for a full recovery for Deb Cotton.

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