Pantsed In The UK

Yeah, I know they call them trousers there but I’m following up on the Pierce/Gohmert theme. The populist right wing UKIP party is facing more scrutiny after its recent success at the polls.One of its donors is engaged in a one malaka protest against women in pants:

Nigel Farage is facing fresh embarrassment over a Ukip supporter
after it emerged that one of the party’s most generous donors believes
that women are guilty of “hostile behaviour” by “deliberately” wearing
trousers to make themselves unattractive to men.

Marchessini, a Greek-born shipping tycoon who gave Ukip £10,000 this
year, made the comments in a coffee table book that features photographs
of women from behind.

The millionaire teamed up with a
photographer a decade ago to find “unattractive backsides”, in the words
of the Observer writer Liz Hoggard, on the streets of London and New

Marchessini wrote in Women in Trousers: A Rear View: “I
adore women and want to see them looking beautiful. Everyone has the
obligation to look as attractive as possible. It pains me to see women
looking terrible.

“Walk along any street and you see women using
trousers like a uniform every single day. This is hostile behaviour.
They are deliberately dressing in a way that is opposite to what men
would like. It is behaviour that flies against common sense, and also
flies against the normal human desire to please.”

I considered making this guy malaka of the week since he’s, alas, Anglo-Greek but I could not resist the post title. I find it astonishing that he’s so consumed with this allegedly unattractive sight that he published a book devoted to it. Here’s another howler:

Marchessini warned that women are undermining their chances of finding a partner by wearing trousers.
“The more women dress like men, the less they are attractive to men. If
a man finds a woman attractive, he will find her legs sexy even if they
are not perfect, simply because they are her legs. Women know that men
don’t like trousers, yet they deliberately wear them.”

Um, um, um, I like women in trousers and I married one who wears them even though she has great legs. Deliberate pants wearing? Oy. This is just flat out weird. You would think this bozo would have better things to do with his time or money, but apparently not.

Earlier, I said that this is not a malaka of the week post. Strike that. Demetri
Marchessini, shipping maggot and anti-trouser fanatic, is definitely guilty of egregious malakatude, but I’m still not changing the post title.

5 thoughts on “Pantsed In The UK

  1. I’m sure that you’ll have plenty of contestants for Malaka of the week right here in ‘Meriku given all the BS scandals going around. Keep up the good work.

  2. For his offensive comments, Demetri Marchessini should be “de-bagged and radished”.
    Hat tip to Blackadder.

  3. there’s a lovely passage about debagging in “Gaudy Night,” by Dorothy L. Sayers.

  4. @Mitch: Actually the CBS censors limited the number of times MTM could wear capri pants. Why? Because it was too provocative. So much for Marchessini’s theory.

  5. Interesting. I’ve been watching reruns occasionally of the “Dick Van Dyke” show, and I’ve noticed that Laura (Mary Tyler Moore) is wearing slacks for most of her onscreen time. Apparently, this means that she’s trying to be unattractive. Meanwhile Sally (Rose Marie) is always wearing a dress. I guess this means she’s supposed to be the sexy one.
    This introduces a subtext to the show that went right past me until Marchessini pointed it out.

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