Mad Men Thread: The Crash


Style and substance go hand in hand in the best episodes ofMad Men. It is *always*stylish in a variety of ways and sometimes style overwhelms substance, The Crash is one of those episodes. It’s made up of some great moments:Kenny Cosgrove tap dancing and pretty much everything involving my boy Stan. BUT it didn’t hold up that well on a second viewing as the best episodes do.

The style was trippy, man. The shots adminstered byCutler’s Doctor Feelgood got them fired up and ready to go. Without Joan and Ted in the office, there was no adult supervision so it wasanything goes writ large only without a glimspse of stocking, which come to think of it, would not be shocking in 1968.

In the spirit of the episode, I’m writing in short bursts and may not even proof read. You’re probably asking, and that’s different, how? On with the show this is it:

This is your mind on drugs: The Mad Men labored all weekend and produced gibberish. Ted was disgusted that they even misspelled Chevy. But Ginsburg was sober and his work sucked too. So it goes.

Slow train to Snoozevile: I’ve never been a fan of the Draper flashbacks and these were pretty boring. Also, neither Dr. A nor I think that that kid is handsome enough to be Don Fucking Draper. Enough with the heavy handed hooker analogies. Oy.

Stalkers and Peepers: Don is stalking Sylvia and littering outside her door. Of course, some smokers don’t consider their butts to be litter. They’re wrong. The Pegster catches Cutler watching Stan and Gleason’s hippie daughter having at it. It’s his partner’s kid. Gross.

Are we negroes? Bobby had the best line during the bogus Grandma Ida’s crime spree in the Draper’s luxury digs. This was entertaining but Sally was wasted. More and better Sally and now, Mr Weiner. I expect to see her smoking weed with Weird Glen some time soon…

Mother’s little helper: Betty is blond and has shed January Jones’ pregnancy weight. I wonder if she got some help from Cutler’s quack?

Culture watch: The Draper younguns watchedThe Prisoner while Megan donned her go-go boots. Hmm, I wonder if she knows how to ride a unicycle?

The manic style of the episode was entertaining, but it was really much ado about nothing other than Gleason’s passing and Don’s foisting the Vega campaign on Teddy Turtleneck.

What a drag it is getting old:

3 thoughts on “Mad Men Thread: The Crash

  1. Disappointing, self-indulgent episode. The best part was Betty (newly slim, newly ice-blonde, freshly lacquered) spitting venom at Megan and Don.
    Where was Joan?

  2. “Betty is blond and has shed January Jones’ pregnancy weight.” — Yeah what the hell is up with that? Betty Draper was a major character, but the last couple of seasons it’s as if she’s been an afterthought.
    I’m not a huge January Jones fan — I think she’s wooden and her dialogue forced. But for her Betty Draper characgter on Mad Men it worked. I feel like Weiner wrote himself into a corner when he had Don and Betty get divorced. Their marriage should have been the lens through which we saw all the cultural upheaval that is this show’s touchstone.

  3. Pennyfarthing, not a unicycle.
    Betty was a boring harpy as always. She is so dull and single dimensional it’s like she wanders in from some other series.

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