A really funny gang rape

Here’s a great joke:

How do you know a 16-year-old girl is likely dead?

“You don’t sleep through a wang in the butthole!”

Wait, here’s a better one!

How dead is a 16-year-old girl who was kidnapped by a group
of high school classmates and repeatedly raped?

“She’s deader than O.J.’s wife!”

Have you stopped laughing yet? Then you’ll love this one:

How hard did a group of high school football players, one by
one, rape a girl after they had to physically carry her unconscious body from
one party into their “rape crew” party?

“They raped her harder than that cop raped Marcellus Wallace
in Pulp Fiction. And they raped her quicker than Mike Tyson raped that one

Do you need to catch your breath? Laughing so hard? Yeah,
here’s another one that will have you just crying:

How pointless is it to try to help a 16-year-old girl who,
after being raped while unconscious (possibly because some asshole roofied
her), was peed on and still didn’t wake up?

“That’s like trying to help wood turn into stone. That’s
like trying to help the Padres to a .500 season. That’s like trying to help Tim
Tebow be a good quarterback. That’s like trying to help Natty Light become a
refreshing beer.”

Wait… You’re not laughing?

I guess you’re not from Steubenville, Ohio’s proud high
school. If you were, you’d probably think this stuff was hysterical.At least,
that’s what the video evidence that was leaked earlier this week reveals.

An anonymous hacker posted a 12-minute clip of a young man,
identified as former Steubenville High School baseball
player Michael Nodianos,
detailing how “raped” a young woman was at the party. Those one-line zingers above? Nothing but his comedic genius at work.

Not satisfied to simply take his one-idiot improv act to video, Nodianos is
said to have also tweeted about the incident, so his brilliance could be
enjoyed by those without the inclination to sit through a fifth of an hour of
pure dickheadery.

The rape was said to have occurred in
August, but the prosecution of the football players who were said to be
responsible for these acts failed to gain traction until the blogosphere took
hold of the story
. Allegations that police had brushed the incident under the
rug in this 18,000-person football-crazed town were refuted by prosecutors, who
said almost no one came forward to offer any information about this vile act.

Now, it seems that everyone’s eyes are
on this hamlet best known for its dying industrial base and as the birthplace
of famed gambler Jimmy the Greek.

Prior to this national shaming, it seemed as if nothing
could bring down the “Big Red” spirit. To wit, here’s the opening line from the
“investigative” piece from the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

It’s Monday, and ominous-looking clouds are pushing over
Harding Stadium as dozens of football players in practice jerseys prepare to
take on Cleveland’s Benedictine Bengals.

But this day two key players are missing from the field.

Right. Because that’s the news. We’re missing two key
players from this “Championship-Bound” group of extraordinary young gentlemen.
Never mind that the story also notes that several players linked to this
shameful act were still PLAYING ON THE TEAM at the time this was written.

Talk about a joke…

If you want to spend 12 of the creepiest minutes of your
life, watch the video.
Usually, when someone tells me something is “extremely
disturbing” they’re trying to warn me off about a blood-soaked scene, an
obscenity laced tirade or a speech Mitt Romney is giving. In any of those
cases, I can eat a ham sandwich and watch it no problem.

This one? No way. I saw it twice and that was three times
too many.

The worst part was that this kid and most of his friends
were in no way empathetic. They laughed. They cracked jokes. They sipped
beverages out of Styrofoam cups while musing about how little this girl’s life mattered.

When a friend asked, “What if it was your daughter?” Nodianos
replied, “It’s not.”

Well, I have a daughter.

She’s seven.

I worry every day about what’s going to
happen to her.

When I see assholes like these
strutting around like roosters, proclaiming the awesomeness of someone else’s daughter being brutalized, every ounce of fear and rage I have heightens in my
desperation to protect her.

The kid recording all this said he planned to watch this
video every day.

I hope he does. I hope it eventually sinks in what actually
happened to this girl.

I don’t know if that kid or Nodianos or any of the other vidiots
can be charged with a crime. At the very least, I wish they would be forced to
stand in front of their peers, the school administrators, the parents and the
loved ones of everyone in their school at some giant assembly.

Then, I want someone to play this whole video on a
projection screen as they stand there and watch how people stare at them in
horror and disgust.

I want every college recruiter and every employer who
Googles these pecker-heads to have that video pop up front and center so
they can see exactly what they had to say about how “raped” this poor child

I hope they do have families and then have to explain to their
kids why Daddy was laughing in that video about the hurt girl. I also want them
to simply have to worry about people like them being out there, all too ready
to take advantage of an incapacitated child.

I’ll bet all of that would just be downright hilarious.

9 thoughts on “A really funny gang rape

  1. I’ve of course heard about this, but think I’d get too creeped out watching the video.
    That said, people torturing other people not only has a long, awful history…it’s now officially sanctioned by the government.
    And…not that this kid understands or even knows, but after thinking of how creeped out I’d be watching the video, I remembered that the Abu Ghraib scandal came to light probably around the time he was in primary school.

  2. Just reading your description is enough to let me know that I don’t want to view the video – I wouldn’t be surprised by it but still would be sickened by it,
    Ditto to MichaelF. What an absurd notion that we can’t torture people when the govt has carte blanche. And I still can’t forget that the folks implicated in Abu Ghraib were, in their civilian occupation, prison guards. So they had the training. Makes me wonder what happens with guards here in the states.
    Fascinating that the group responsible for revealing this is part of Anonymous.
    I can’t get over the rampant stupidity that folks will video their crimes and post to facebook, tweet, etc.
    CBS News had an interesting interview on some of the issues complicate using the video evidence in court:http://landing.newsinc.com/shared/video.html?freewheel=90574&sitesection=heartlandconnection&VID=24145303
    I question the interview on the grounds that there are many crimes where you use what little evidence you have to get one person to turn on their accomplices.
    Also question the interview as on the spectrum of giving free consent with all mental functions intact to being drugged into stupor, there is some point where the person was incapable of giving consent to the continued action.

  3. Every girl child in that community now knows that they can be raped tortured and abused and the community will sanction it for the sake of the boys. Just as it has ever been.
    There was a gang rape of a girl in India and the community rose up in anger. The media reported the attack as though they are so very barbaric in India compared to how civilized we are in the West.
    When children are gang raped here we are so effing civilized we change the subject.

  4. Oh, one weakness in what I said.
    As the girl was 16, without looking I assume she was below the age of consent in Ohio making her incapable of giving consent.

  5. I believe Steubenville, Ohio is also the birthplace of Dean Martin.
    I also believe this is Stuebenville’s mess to handle, unfortunately the willingness of Steubenville’s citizens to overlook this, to blame the victim…whatever for the sake of a winning football team is shameful. What frightens me more is that, I can imagine it would go down this way in my town in Texas.
    It’s an outrage, but so are a thousand, million other things. Makes me feel like we’re doomed.

  6. Problem is, they’d love it if you had a giant assembly to show off their handiwork. Sociopathy feeds on this kind of attention.

  7. I believe the cure for these little uckers and their adult enablers is called public hanging.

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