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  1. Obviously, Glenzilla is a big boy and can defend himself, but I found the driftglass post lacking. Unless by “Best Takedown Ever” you mean tenuous comparisons and highly selective excerpts, then I agree.

  2. I get that nobody is above criticism, and Greenwald may deserve his fair share. However, the verve with which certain progressives eat their own I find puzzling.

  3. That’s what Glenn himself does constantly and I think turn about is fair play. It’s also a funny piece of writing, which is one reason I like Driftglass.

  4. Down in the comments at Driftglass’s place there’s a comparison of Snowden’s likely treatment in the event the US ever gets him back with various leakers/whistleblowers/releasers of information people did not want released. It’s worth reading to see for yourself if Drift’s comparison to Kiriakou vs. Greenwald’s likely comparison to Manning or Gitmo/black site prisoners rings truer. That Manning was military and Kiriakou was not seems to me to be an important distinction, though I don’t think it’s an argument in favor of the treatment Manning received.
    What I don’t like about the discussion about Greenwald in general (on many other sites) is how most commentary on Greenwald’s stories turned into either a)whether Edward Snowden was a noble hero or a filthy traitor or b) whether Glenn Greenwald was a noble hero or a filthy traitor. In neither case is that the story. The story is the story.
    “Well, he went on TV.” ANY reporter who wanted more attention for his or her story would have gone out in front of TV cameras and onto talk shows because that’s how you promote your story. Greenwald and Snowden are not responsible for the fact that plenty of lazy reporters and commentators would rather talk about Greenwald and Snowden than about what Snowden revealed and Greenwald reported.
    And this is coming from someone who finds Greenwald’s Twitter feed exhausting in its snide “anybody who doesn’t believe the worst of Obama is A DELUDED SHEEP” self-fulfilling martyrdom.

  5. @A: I agree with much of what you say BUT every time the story turns to the NSA stuff either Pompous Glenn or Weird Ed turns up and steals the show. Yes, the msm is lazy but those guys are a big part of the story. So it goes.

  6. BUT every time the story turns to the NSA stuff either Pompous Glenn or Weird Ed turns up and steals the show.
    Yes, it’s amazing how the two of them have such power that they can control the media like that.
    It’s scary to me to see how many miss the point on this. The idea that GG needs a “takedown” shows to what extant some democrats have lost their moral compass.
    The story is the NSA. It isn’t Greenwald or Snowden.
    The story is the NSA and its unconstitutional domestic surveillance program.

  7. @EGN: I guess I should apologize for my stupidity or immorality but I won’t. Just expressing my opinion about the incessant moralizing of Greenwald, which has bugged the living shit out of me long before the Snowden leaks.

  8. @Athenae —
    It is striking how much of the discussion about the NSA leaks turns into petty point scoring and name calling. I’ve been chewing it over for awhile now and I’m still not sure what to think about it.

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