D is for Defense, E is for Expert

It’s time for some more sporadic, erratic, and scatter shot commentary on the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin trial. I hope Jack Shafer won’t be too hard on me for watching it, albeit on MSNBC and not CNN. Btw, Jack, CNN did wall-to-wall coverage of the OJ trial back when they were an outstanding news organization. It’s a live event boy-o, deal with it.

Random comment time. Guess I’m still having Mad Men withdrawals:

The defense is ahead on points. They’ve done a good job at muddying the waters, blowing smoke and whatever other legal analyst cliche you care to use. The only mistake they’ve made in presenting their case was in putting Trayvon’s father on the stand.

According to the defense, George Zimmerman is a pussy, who is not a racist and has many people who like him, and are convinced that it’s his voice on the 911 recording. I’m not.

The defense is winning the war of the medical experts. The local ME, Dr. Bao, was assigned the autopsy before the case became a big deal, which means he’s low on the totem pole at the office, as it were. (Uh oh, sound like Tonto.) The defense’s expert, Dr. Vincent Di Maio, was an awesome witness: authoritative, charming, polite, and funny. He’s also got a heavy Noo Yawk accent, which made his testimony even more entertaining. Again, I’m not sure I agree with his conclusions BUT he was the sort of witness who plays well with jurors.

Frankly, I don’t believe Zimmerman’s story. He appears to have deliberately gained over 100 pounds in an effort to appear like a out of shape wimp who was afraid of the big bad black kid. I hope he’ll be convicted but the prosecution better have a helluva closing argument or he’s likely to walk.

2 thoughts on “D is for Defense, E is for Expert

  1. If Zimmerman doesn’t have the gun, does he continue following Martin to the point of provoking a confrontation? If the answer is no, and Zimmerman’s found not guilty, there’s nothing stopping anyone with a gun from provoking a confrontation where they can shoot someone.

  2. “Frankly, I don’t believe Zimmerman’s story…”
    Yes — haven’t watched day in, day out, but I read an online Esquire.com essay and have seen some analysis on the Lawrence O’Donnell show. Both make the case that Zimmerman’s lying…and from what I’ve read today, it seems as if he’ll get away with it.
    My guess — and it’s only a guess, of course — is that Zimmerman initiated the confrontation. Maybe he didn’t intend to shoot Trayvon Martin, but having a lethal weapon handy made it easier to adopt a confrontational attitude.
    I did listen to the 911 call with the shouting, but I can’t tell who’s voice it is.
    And I think Martin might well have been on top of Zimmerman when the latter shot, based on the crime photo showing Marting lying face down. But to me, that doesn’t justify the shooting him, nor does it suggest it was Zimmerman shouting. For all I know, he could have already had the gun out, which would have put Martin in a terrible fix: flee and maybe get shot in the back, or get shot in the chest…it might well spur you to shout for help even if you are on top of someone…
    One thing I hope this does clear up: an armed society sure as hell isn’t a polite society.

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