Quote Of The Day: Jessica Lange Edition


It’s always good when someone parachutes into New Orleans to work and ends up *getting* it:

But Lange’s favorite character on this season ofAmerican Horror Story may just be New Orleans itself. “There’s Madame LaLaurie, there’s Fiona Goode, there’s Marie Laveau, there’s New Orleans. It’s unique in this country I think, that city. It has this extraordinary ability to live in the past and the present. Time kind of melds. I don’t know any other place like that. And so authentic still, to its culture and to the people. You feel on the street what these people feel about this place. I mean, you walk down the streets of New York and everybody just looks so unhappy,” she notes with a laugh, staring out the window above Times Square. “They’re not all that happy to be here. But in New Orleans, you get this sense that this is home and we’re connected. We’re connected through generations and we’re connected through the arts and the music and the food and the culture. I mean, it permeates the air … not to paint too rosy a picture because there’s a lot of darkness there, but what I find fascinating is how you can be in a place where you sense the decay and the decadence and the elegance and the spirit and everything is just moving together.”

3 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day: Jessica Lange Edition

  1. When I first visited New Orleans, 35 years ago, I had the weirdest feeling that if it were actually possible to travel through time, it would be easier there than anywhere else. A few parts of NYC gave me the same feeling when I lived there, but not to anywhere near the same extent.

  2. Ms. Lang should come to New Mexico and visit. Same kind of feeling. I’ve always said that New Mexico and New Orleans simply do not feel like they are part of the United States. That includes the strange way we embrace our dysfunction that leads to some fairly troubling problems (poverty, crime) that always keep us down.

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