Album Cover Art Wednesday: The Wild Tchoupitoulas

We passed a frigid Twelfth Night this week. We stayed home instead of seeing the minor parades and freezing our asses off. Since it’s Carnival, I thought I’d post this1976 LP cover from an Uptown Mardi Gras Indian Tribe, the Wild Tchoupitoulas. George Landry aka Big Chief Jolly was the Neville Brothers’ Uncle, so his nephews helped out with vocals and some of the instrumentation.


Here’s the back cover:


The album even produced a minor hit:

One thought on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: The Wild Tchoupitoulas

  1. Cold up here as well…grr…yesterday I woke up and discovered I hadn’t sufficiently dripped the kitchen faucet. Fortunately it didn’t burst, but I had to run a small heater under the sink for a couple of hours. I made sure last night the drip was more steady stream.
    Am also not looking forward to next month’s heat bill…
    Otherwise, Ed Kilgore of Washington Monthly was/is in The Gret Stet and speant some time in the Red Stick. He mentioned a downtown po-boy shop I usually avoid (“Nobody goes there — it’s too crowded”), but which isn’t bad.

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