18 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. Dictator. Just for a day, everybody would have to do what I want. That would be nice.

  2. If we’re assuming a magical, temporary transfer of all relevant training, skills and knowledge: definitely astronaut. If we’re not, then I’d have to go for something where I couldn’t accidentally kill myself out of ignorance, so let’s go with set designer for a major science fiction or fantasy film. Something that needs some really awesome sets.

  3. I wish I could be Rupert Murdoch for one day: First thing? I’m calling a meeting.

  4. Hangman, after the war-crimes conviction of Dubya and Cheney.
    Actually, it’s not necessary for ME to do the job, just as long as someone does.

  5. Librarian in charge of acquisitions
    Reading teacher, third grade
    [ I got to do this, some ]

  6. In fantasy land, left-handed pitcher. Think Koufax with a better curve (and yes, I know he had a wicked curve).
    In reality, a mechanic/furniture refinisher.

  7. Two aspiring pitchers!
    If that was on my fantasy list, I’d go for a wicked knuckleball.

  8. Pilot on Dick Cheney’s plane.
    “Folks, there’s been an unavoidable change in our flight plan – next stop – The Hague!”

  9. Pilot, period.
    For preference, combat-rated fighter jock, somewhere I could actually make a difference.

  10. Artist – I enjoy it as a hobby, but could never make a living at it. Or maybe roller coaster designer

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