I cannot believe I forgot to post this

I had a bad case of flu between Turkey Day and Pearl Harbor Day both of which we celebrate in our house. I lied about that, but the annual Krewe du Vieux Brew-Du took place on 12/7/2013. It *was* a day that lived in infamy this year because I missed the party and the chance to have my fortune told by NOLA blogging legend Dangerblond.

The Brew-du is a fundraiser to help defray our beer, Popeyes, and King Cake expenses. My little group, the Krewe of Spank, has been offering a sideshow style game for many years, the Dirty Wiener Drop. In the past, it involved someone dropping the aformentioned wiener into Diaper Dave’s mouth. This year’s edition involved doing the dirty wiener drop into Governor PBJ’s cavernous batlike ears:

PBJ weiner drop

If you were wondering, we prefer to keep it local, which is why we didn’t use a certain former Noo Yawk politician as the target.

7 thoughts on “I cannot believe I forgot to post this

  1. Lex says:

    So was the #KVD hashtag on your tweets for Krewe du Vieux Brew-Du? Because that would make sense.

  2. Christy says:

    You lied about Flu? Or celebrating Pearl Harbor Day and Turkey Day?
    -Mdm Chop.

  3. adrastos says:

    Sunday we were working on our float, which is when we traded tweets. I hope I used kdv and if I didn’t I’m in fake trouble.

  4. adrastos says:

    @Christy: About celebrating the day that will live in infamy. Chop back.

  5. Geeno says:

    Shouldn’t that be “sodomize my earholes”? I agree Jindal should be lobotomized, but that really has nothing to do with ears.

  6. Wendar says:

    Lobotomized…it’s a slant thing. Sodomized sounded too enjoyable.

  7. adrastos says:

    Btw y’all Wendar is the mad genius behind the sign and the dirty wiener drop itself.

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