Enough Already

My residual case of old fartism is currently aimed at one of the younguns at Salon: one Elias Isquith. Isquith is one of that fine internet publications newer and lesser lights and he is the latest person to tell Justice Ginsburg to retire for the "good of the left" or some such highfalutin shit.

The worst thing about the piece is Isquith's tone of high moral dudgeon and assumption that he knows what's best for both Ginsburg and the country. Unsolicited advice is never appreciated and unsolicited moralizing should be dismissed out of hand.

I realize that Justice Ginsburg is a tiny, frail looking cancer survivor but she looked just as fragile when she was young. It's also ludicrous to tell a great American and distinguished Jurist to hang up her robes because some pundits think the Democrats might lose the Senate in the fall. That's certainly a possibility but the GOPers have a talent for squandering advantages and at least two of the vulnerable Southern Democratic Senators, Mark Pryor and Kay Hagen look as if they might survive after all. My own Blue Dog, Mary Landrieu, is running a poor and confused campaign, which has increased the chances of her losing to the dim Congressman from Red Stick, Bill Cassidy. It's making me feel all blue and dogeared but I'll go into that another time.

The whole debate reminds me of sports fans sermonizing about when and why their favorite players should retire. That's up to them. Willie Mays was the target of a lot of carping at the end of his storied career. He was still a good player at 40 before going downhill but he still enjoyed it and kept playing despite the critics whining that he wasn't as good as he used to be, He was playing for himself and his team, not to preserve some fanboy's memories. In Ginsburg's case, she seems to be peaking as a Justice right now. Her Hobby Lobby dissent is a classic that ranks with Harlan's in Plessy or Jackson's in Korematsu to name two of my favorite dissenting opinions.  Damn, that may have been the dorkiest sentence I've ever written… .

I realize that people will not stop offering unsolicited advice to their elders and betters but it will continue to irk me that it's directed at a female Justice. Until they start yelling at Justice Breyer to retire, it's sexism, pure and simple, and then it will be ageism.

Enough with the malakatude already.

6 thoughts on “Enough Already

  1. Agreed on Ginsburg; as for Landrieu, don’t get too worried just yet. Cassidy’s a zero. I doubt a majority of 6th District voters (which I’m in thanks to some real Gret Stet gerrymandering), anyway, I doubt a majority in his own district know his name. He has no presence, at least in BR.

  2. as long as she had the strength to tear scalito a new one every now and then, she can stay as long as she’d like as far as i’m concerned.

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