The Dan Snyder Acronym Blues

In the great tradition of stubborn, clueless douchebags everywhere, Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder is trying to PR his way out of his woes. Snyder, of course, refuses to change his team’s racist name and keeps trotting out spokes-Chiefs to back him up. Unfortunately for Snyder, they keep turning out to be dubious dudes. As a movie Indian would say: Snyder, heap big dope or is that dupe? He’s certainly a douche.

In the great tradition of filthy rich robber barons everywhere, Snyder is now resorting to bribery. He’s formed a foundationwith the laudable goal of helping Native Americans by giving them stuff like coats and sneakers to wear around the rez. There are two rather substantial problems with Synder’s publicity stunt. First, the announcementnever uses the team’s name, instead using the words, tribe, tribal and Native American. If Redskin isn’t a racial slur why isn’t used in the press release?Second, they named the underfunded foundation without taking a close look at its acronym. It’s the Original Americans Foundation or OAF. The word oaf is underused but I think Dan Snyder just brought it back into commerce.

Snyder’s move is a sign of desperation. He’s under increasing pressure to consign the team name to the dustbin of history. The Redskins trademark has been under review at the US Trademark and Patent Office for quite some time but EVERY recent attempt to trademark the term redskinhas been rejected on the grounds that the term is disparaging. Oopsie.

Dan Snyder is a stubborn OAF. The rebranding of the New Orleans Hornets to the Pelicans has been a financial bonanza for the NBA franchise. They’re selling more swag than a non-playoff bound team usually does. Why? Novelty. The start up costs will be substantial but every Washington fan will want new swag so it’s a win-win situation. Snyder’s stubbornness and malakatude stands in the way of his getting credit for the change when it comes. Oh well, it’s always good to have owners one loves to hate. Thanks, Mr. OAF.

Keith Olbermann did a classic rant about OAF and the Redskins on his ESPN show, so I’ll give him the last word:

4 thoughts on “The Dan Snyder Acronym Blues

  1. It’s slightly hokey, but my own “solution” would be to rename the team to The Washington Americans. Not the Native Americans, but the Americans. They wouldn’t have to change the image on the helmet, and it’s a nice counterpart to the baseball Nationals.
    And it’s accurate.
    Um, I’m not holding my breath…

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