Album Cover Art Wednesday: Imperial Bedroom

Imperial Bedroom was Elvis Costello's first foray into Sgt. Pepper-style art pop/rock. It shouldn't surprise anyone that this is one of my favorite EC albums.

The  cover was designed by Barney Bubbles. I'm uncertain as to whether he's related to either Charlie or Tiny Bubbles. Here's how the LP package is described at Wikipedia:

The name of the album "Imperial Bedroom" appears on the sleeve as IbMePdErRoIoAmL. The cover painting, titled "Snakecharmer & Reclining Octopus"[4] by Barney Bubbles (but credited to "Sal Forlenza") is a pastiche of "Three Musicians" by Pablo Picasso, and letters on the zipper-like creatures in the upper right spell "PABLO SI".[1]

Without further adieu, here's the cover

Elvis Costello-Imperial+Bedroom

I couldn't find the whole album in embeddable form so here's a not so shabby track:


2 thoughts on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: Imperial Bedroom

  1. If someone asked me to define what “Elvis Costello” is, I’d point to this song (and this album). I’ve always thought of it as a follow up to “Watching The Detectives”, the excited rookie now jaded veteran just going through the motions.
    “There’s a girl in this dress
    There’s always a girl in distress”
    “He’s the tired toy that everyone’s enjoyed
    He wants to be a fancy man but he’s nothing but a nancy boy
    He’s all pride and no joy”
    “She’s so sure she’s self-possessed
    Then again she’s half undressed”

  2. I love Elvis Costello & that is my favorite album of his. I got to spin the wheel & dance on stage last time I saw him in concert. It was GREAT!

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