2 thoughts on “Dead Man Typing

  1. I read the letter — one, the guy’s right about prison being slavery. Hell, here in Loosiana, the major state prison IS a plantation, formerly worked by slaves (mostly from Angola, hence the name), today worked by prison labor mostly from the city. I’ve looked to see if other southern state prisons were once plantations, but haven’t found much by way of evidence…
    Prisons — and jails — also are a large source of revenue for rural counties (parishes down here). The Picayune ran a very good in-depth series some time back about how some areas stay afloat financially by importing prisoners from New Orleans and Baton Rouge. The parish or state pays a per diem.
    Finally, while I’m not necessarily a bleeding heart — hell, I was a crime victim twice (simple assault/mugging, though once requiring a trip to the ER for stitches — the perpetrators were never caught, to my knowledge) — I just don’t understand how vicious Americans are relative to other First World nations when it comes to crime and punishment. No, I don’t believe in coddling criminals, but the sheer sadism, plus the really ugly jokes about assault, sexual or otherwise, AND the death penalty, which some go as far as to celebrate (and I’m not even mentioning internet comments in news stories about crimes/trials, that will make your stomach turn)…maybe it’s just me, but I just don’t get it.

  2. All right. I read it. NOW read the letter from the brother of the man this … predator … killed. Oh, Ray Jasper thinks ’cause the ME says it was the stab wounds his pard inflicted that Ray’s not guilty by the way.
    I am here to tell you that in this case the State of Texas actually is performing its duty of protecting citizens against a sociopath.

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