Album Cover Art Wednesday: Carney

I’ve had carneys on my mind since the season premiere of AHS: Freak Show. That’s why my thoughts turned to Leon Russell’s 1972 LP, Carney.

Russell’s time as a rock star was brief and this album was his biggest hit by far. Carney got all the way to #2 on the Billboard charts and the single Tightrope hit #11. Not bad for a studio musician turned cult artist. Russell’s rock stardom didn’t last long but his career has been a long and interesting one.

Carney Front

I’ve always gotten a kick out of the back cover, which features a shitty little trailer and a Rolls Royce. I wonder if he shared it with Fraulein Elsa, the wheels I mean…

Carney Back

Below is the whole consarn record on YouTube. It’s an interesting album. Side one is poppy and commercial whereas side two gets kind of weird and trippy. Carney was a high wire act that largely succeeded. See for yourself as it were: