Album Cover Art Wednesday: The Great Ball Of Fire

Jerry Lee Lewis is one of the great monsters in American cultural history. At the risk of repeating myself, check out Rick Bragg’s new book about the Killer. It’s amazeballs. Jerry Lee has finally found the perfect writer to tell his story with all of its contradictions. And Rick does not smooth over the Killer’s rough edges. Ain’t enough literary sandpaper in the world for that, y’all.

Jerry Lee was never much of an album artist, his attention span was too short for that,  so I thought I’d post the cover of this 1957 EP:


In typical chaotic Jerry Lee and Sam Phillips fashion, the EP is kinda sorta named for a tune that’s not on it.

Here’s Jerry Lee’s break through performance on the Steve Allen Show. In typical Killer fashion, Jerry Lee and the band were late as you might gather from the agitated look on Allen’s face:


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