Woke Up With A Monster

The Republican party has a hangover. The GOP powers that be hate both of the leading candidates. The Insult Comedian has had a terrible, no-good, dreadful couple of weeks, but his main opponent is a creep who can’t drum up support among his Senate colleagues. It’s the first time I’ve ever been tempted to say something nice about Senate GOPers. Cruz has only two Senate supporters and one of them is Little Lindsey who hates his guts. It’s still one more than Senator Sanders has: lone wolf candidates tend not to play well with others.

According to TPM’s Lauren Fox, Tailgunner Ted is resorting to the hard sell:

Cruz is facing varied and dynamic obstacles in his quest to build support on the Hill. Some senators are stubbornly nursing grudges against the freshman senator’s 2013 government shutdown gambit or any other number of slights and affronts he committed as a freshman senator that made him deeply unpopular. Other senators endorsed candidates who already dropped out of the race and are unwilling to repeat that mistake with Donald Trump the clear frontrunner and Cruz likely needing a contested convention to win the nomination.

Ultimately, Cruz is little more than a polarizing colleague asking individual senators to go out on a limb for him on his long-shot bid to deny Trump the nomination. It’s not a request that makes for sometimes awkward private conversations.

According to one Republican senator, who was given anonymity to disclose details about the conversation with Cruz he had, Cruz’s pitch went beyond a standard courtesy call.

“It wasn’t a short phone call,” the Republican senator said. “It wasn’t a hello, help me phone call.”

Imagine being trapped on the phone with someone you loathe whose only chance of being nominated is that people hate his opponent more than they despise him. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. #sarcasm. Increasingly, Tailgunner Ted reminds me of a used car salesman trying to sell you a lemon with a subprime loan attached to it.

In other GOP news, the Insult Comedian seems poised to win a series of primaries in the Northeast. He seems, however, to be confused about what’s shaking in Pennsylvania:

It was initially unclear whether Trump was asking about Paterno himself or a statue of the football coach that was removed from the university’s campus. Following the rally, the Trump campaign clarified that he was referring to the statue.

I’m relieved to hear that the Insult Comedian’s latest rebuke to political correctness doesn’t involve digging up JoePa’s remains and restoring the ancien regime at Penn State. Re-erecting his statue would be bad enough.

I am enjoying the discomfort of Republican elites at the prospect of either Trump or Cruz as their nominee. It’s end result of years of demagoguery and mindless opposition to the first African-American President. It evokes the old cliché: you made your bed, now lie in it. When that happens, you’ll wake up with a monster:

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  1. Perhaps He thinks the statue is missing because of “political correctness”.
    (Both of them.)

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