Georgia On My Mind


Privately, I’ve been doing some electoral college speculation based on a Clinton-Kaine landslide of 10+ points in the popular vote. It’s hard to tell what’s going to happen, but we *have* reached a tipping point in the campaign after Trump’s mishandling of the Khans. Trust me, as someone who lived through 5 Democratic losses in 6 elections, I am never overconfident or cocky. I do, however, feel confident that, absent something truly bizarre, Hillary Clinton will win the election. The question is the margin. There has not been a 10+ victory margin since 1984. Will it happen this year? Beats the hell out of me but wave elections are fun when you’re on the winning side.

That brings me to the Peach State. Georgia has been one of the Democratic Party’s white whales for quite some time. Demographics have changed enough to put it into play for the first time since Bill Clinton won it in 1992. (President Obama did pretty well there in 2008, which is when it achieved white whale status.) The groups that Trump is doing poorly with are a growing part of the population. More importantly, consecutive polls have given HRC a lead there of 4 and 7 points. I’m not making any wild predictions, but the Republicans will have to defend Georgia instead of treating it as a safe state. In the immortal words of Joey the Shark, “that’s a big fucking deal.”

Since I’m nearly as crazy as the Insult Comedian, I’ll give you my maxed out electoral college guesstimate: 393-145. It probably won’t happen, it’s more likely to be in the 350’s or 360’s but it’s possible. That’s why I’ve got Georgia On My Mind. It’s also an excuse to post several versions of the Hoagy Carmichael classic that’s one of the best state songs in the country:

While we’re at it. let’s throw Gladys Knight & the Pips into the mix. I feel like riding the rails, ya’ll:



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  1. We need this to be a landslide to redeem at least a margin of our reputation and standing in the world’s eyes.

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