McMaster, Baited

Trump World and the Tweeter Tube were aflutter  yesterday with rumors that the bald-headed glowering general/National Security Advisor was about to be ousted in the Not-So Great Purge of 2018. The dread Sarah Huckabee Sanders has denied the rumor, which means that it’s true.

Trump’s Kaiser of Chaos persona seems to have overtaken the Insult Comedian. Imagine firing your top national security aides a week after impulsively agreeing to talks with Little Rocket Man. In a word: madness.

If another rumor is true, John Bolton and his mustache will be McMaster’s successor. That makes the Kudlow hiring look good: Bolton has never been right about anything either, plus he’s batshit crazy. Believe me.

It remains obvious that the General is not McMaster of his own domain. I should apologize for that pun and the title but I won’t.

That is all.

One thought on “McMaster, Baited

  1. Meeting with Kim Jong Un, conferring a legitimacy on him that he and his family have craved for decades? Well, there’s only one way to turn a fiasco into a full-blown dumpster fire, and that’s to cashier your Secretary of State and National Security Adviser in the lead-up to that meeting. Watch Lord Littlehands, master of the walkback, try to squirm out of this one. Doesn’t matter though; his brain-dead partisans will hail his utter fecklessness as pure genius.

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