Waiting For Mount Trumpberius To Erupt

Trumpberius meets Tiberius.

I don’t know about you but I expect the Insult Comedian to spew bile about the passing of John McCain any time now. You know he wants to. Thus far, he’s been quietly vindictive but given his lack of impulse control it cannot last.

I’m not sure if Mount Trumpberius will erupt soon OR when McCain’s funeral week hits Washington. If that’s the case, Trump have to bite his tongue until it bleeds.  We all know he wants to fire off nasty tweets and, unless, they take his phone away from him, it will happen. Believe me.

Politics is *always* about conflict. There’s nothing wrong with that.  It’s the nature of the beast.

Political mourning is a different matter altogether. It’s when a asterisk-free president should put aside partisan differences and show magnanimity. But Trump is a small and petty man who holds grudges over small and petty things. He’s been known to publicly mock McCain’s thumbs down vote on ACA repeal. Who is he now? Siskel and Ebert? Well, they’re dead too, Donald.

The person who really should get a thumbs down is Trumpberius himself:

Speaking of volcanoes, The Band gets the last word. I have a whole lava love for this song: