Everybody Hates Ted

One of the most heart warming sub-plots of the 2018 midterms involves Senator Ted Cruz’s re-election bid in Texas. Tailgunner Ted is in deep shit and his party knows it. The Texas GOP dispatched Lt. Gov Dan Patrick to lobby the White House for Trump to campaign for a man he used to call Lyin’ Ted. The man I call the Insult Comedian said yes.

While many GOPers profess confidence that Cruz can pull it off, one can almost see the flop sweat flying. If he’s doing so well, why the panic? Why is Budget Director Mick Mulvaney worried that Cruz isn’t likable enough? Here’s why: Beto O’Rourke.

Congressman O’Rourke is a once in a lifetime candidate who exudes charisma a la JFK or Barack Obama. I was a Beto skeptic until recently but the more I see him, the more I like his chances. He comes off as a straight shooter who is willing to give a straight answer even on the most controversial subjects such as protesting NFL players:

The GOP is trying to use this against O’Rourke but with limited success thus far. Voters like candidates willing to take a stand and not waffle on the controversies of the day. Beto comes off as a real person, not a pre-programmed politician who sounds like his answers were inspired by a focus group. In short, Beto O’Rourke has the IT factor, which is something very few candidates ever have.

Then there’s the issue of toughness. Texans like their pols tough. They don’t care if the candidate is a sumbitch as long as he’s their sumbitch. Ted Cruz *used* to be a tough guy but he threw it all away when he made up with the Insult Comedian after he called him Lyin’ Ted, accused his father of complicity in the Kennedy assassination, and called his wife ugly.

Texans are fond of saying “Remember the Alamo,” in 2018 Texas Democrats should say, “Remember the Enquirer.”

Even Texans who like Trump may have some issues with a creep who has crawled to a man who insulted his family. Ted Cruz is a pussy. He should grab himself.

I am convinced that there’s a decent chance that Ted Cruz will get his comeuppance in 2018. But even if he squeaks out a win, Beto O’Rourke is a man with a promising future. Dems should avoid treating him the way we treat candidates who have lost close races in the past: i.e. Al Gore and John Kerry. Beto has the right stuff. Win or lose, I can see him on the national ticket in the not too distant future.

As my friend and editor at the Bayou Brief, Lamar White Jr, is fond of saying, “something big is happening in Texas.”

Repeat after me: Candidates matter.

One thought on “Everybody Hates Ted

  1. I am in San Antonio, in the midst of Lamar Smith’s district. Thankfully he is retiring and we have two great candidates running as a D. Kopser and Crowe. My neighborhood is pretty conservative. There are 8 Beto signs out to the 4 for Cruz. All over SA there are more Beto signs.

    Last week on one of the local channels, the story was how many Beto signs were out. The reporter called the Cruz campaign and was told that Cruz had decided to not spend money on signage but to spend it elsewhere.

    I have laughed out loud at that bit of horseshit every day since.

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