Album Cover Art Wednesday: In Japan

For many years, I thought of Buck Owens as the genial co-host of the cornball hickfest, Hee Haw. It wasn’t until I started listening to Dwight Yoakam, that I realized he was so much more. Thanks, Dwight.

Buck was a singer-songwriter with an edge; something that didn’t come across when he was trading jokes with Junior Samples, Grandpa Jones, and Goober. He was also a world traveler; hence this 1967 live album.

Yeah, I know. There’s an exclamation point in the title. Homey don’t play that and neither do I.

Here’s Buck and his Buckaroos doing the Tokyo Polka:

One thought on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: In Japan

  1. I’m not a huge fan of country music, and other have done pieces that go faster and faster, but by the end it made my eyes water a bit is was so good. I was a bit concerned it was going to be 60s racism-ish but the audience loved it. Thanks for sharing.

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