Who Says Rudy Isn’t Powerful?

Team Trump may be 1-36 in the courtroom, but the artist formerly known as Mayor Combover is a powerhouse in reverse:

Arizona’s entire legislature will be closed this week after Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who socialized with GOP state lawmakers mask-less several times last week while trying to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, tested positive for COVID-19 on Sunday.

The Arizona Capitol Times obtained an email from the Senate Chief of staff Wendy Baldo informing all senators that “due to COVID-19 concerns and out of an abundance of caution,” the chamber would be closed the entire week.

House Chief of Staff Michael Hunter also told lawmakers that the House building would be closed for a week starting Monday, per multiple local news outlets.

Giuliani’s diagnosis came less than a week after he and fellow Trump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis spoke at informal hearing in Phoenix on November 30 with nine GOP lawmakers on the committee who were holding the hearing, which attempted to falsely “prove” that the election results were fraudulent. Other Republicans were also reportedly seen in the audience. Giuliani did not wear a mask, and neither did many of the GOP lawmakers in attendance.

The attorney then had a private meeting with Republican leaders on the following day.

On Sunday, Trump announced that Giuliani had tested positive for the coronavirus. The lawyer confirmed his diagnosis later that night, tweeting he was “getting great care and feeling good.”

Giuliani, who is at high risk for the virus due to his age of 76, was taken to Georgetown University Medical Center for treatment, according to the New York Times and ABC News.

I ordinarily wouldn’t make fun of someone who just checked into the hospital but there’s an exception to every rule. Make that a loophole since this involves Trump’s head shyster. He’s also the man who puts mouth into mouthpiece.

It’s hard to nail down the exact number of Trump associates who have tested positive but it’s north of 50 and may be as high as 100. It’s what happens when you sneer at this lethal virus. Here are two numbers we have a firmer handle on: 14,600,000 and 282,000. Those are the total number of American COVID cases and the number of deaths as of this writing. Thanks, Donald.

Everything President* Pennywise touches turns to shit. The same goes for Rudy Giuliani. They’re both malevolent clowns playing on the public’s fears. Their clownish behavior regarding the pandemic shouldn’t be funny but it is. I apologize for my sick sense of humor but it’s keeping me sane in these crazy times.

I’ve long thought that Graham Nash’s King Midas In Reverse is a brilliant song. It applies to many situations. This is one of them. The last word goes to The Hollies: