Look Out Cleveland

The Ohio 11th Congressional District.

I hope everyone enjoyed Ryne Hancock’s piece about the special election in the Ohio-11. I’m not crazy about Nina Turner, but Ryne cannot stand her. Rumor has it that he likes Shontel Brown.

It’s a special election to replace Marcia Fudge who joined the Biden administration as HUD secretary. Fudge herself was first elected in a 2008 special election. Isn’t that special? I’ll skip the fudge jokes…

The Ohio-11 is one of those districts that resembles a distended intestine. It winds from Cleveland south to Akron. It’s classic GOP Gerrymandering: pack all the minority voters into a district so wingnuts like Gym Jordan don’t have to worry about black voters. It’s a violation of the spirit of the Voting Rights Act, which has, of course, been violated into oblivion by the Roberts Court.

I, too, wish Shontel Brown luck today. If I were a pure satirist, I’d favor Nina Turner because she’d be more entertaining. I am not, however, in the habit of supporting folks who voted for the Crunchy Granola Machiavelli DBA Jill Stein in 2016.

Ryne’s post gave me a double earworm. The last word goes to The Band and Ian Hunter,

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