Pulp Fiction Thursday: The Beatles Book

It’s time to bend the Pulp Fiction Thursday rules. The Beatles Book is neither fictional nor a book but a fanzine. They’re my rules so bending them like a pretzel is my prerogative. Is that Pretzel Logic?

These two issues were Christmas extras. How’s that for seasonal?

The last word goes to the Beatles. Yeah, yeah, yeah:

One thought on “Pulp Fiction Thursday: The Beatles Book

  1. The pose on the right hand side, with the guitars upside down, was such a standard photo pose for them and even in my pre-tween years when I listened to them on my leather swaddled transistor radio I thought it was weird. Now it’s like Paul: Anything for a buck, George: Are we really doing this, John: *snarck*, Ringo: I’m the luckiest man in the world.

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