Big Lie, Big Ripoff

Day 2 of the Dispshit Insurrection hearing started late because one of the lead-off witnesses Bill Stepien couldn’t appear in person. It was an excused absence: his wife went into labor this morning.

Stepien’s in-person absence made no difference whatsoever. His deposition video clips joined with those of Bill Barr’s and others to paint a devastating picture of deception and denial.

The Impeached Insult Comedian knew full well that his allegations of fraud were untrue, and he didn’t give a shit. The only fraud perpetrated was on Trump’s gullible supporters. As Rep. Zoe Lofgren put it the Big Lie became a Big Ripoff.  It’s always about the grift.

Lofgren led the committee, witnesses, and viewers on a meeting by meeting nearly minute by minute tour of Big Lie events. It was methodical and lawyerly yet still entertaining.

Bill Barr was dismissive of his former boss’ fraud fixation. Here’s a Tweet from the New Yorker’s Susan Glasser:

I quoted her because I ripped her husband Peter Baker a new one last week. One could even call it my Baker’s Dozens post…

Back to the hearing. I was struck by the fact that all the witnesses were Republicans. It gives me a scintilla of hope for the future. Those who spoke to Trump told him the truth; he refused to listen. There’s a legal term for that: willful blindness. There’s colloquial term for the condition Rudy Giuliani was in on election night:

That’s right, folks. Rudy was drunk as a skunk. Anyone surprised? I thought not.

Fox News’ former political director, Chris Stirewalt, testified that the election was honest, and that calling Arizona for Biden early was the right call. He paid for his honesty with his job. Pressure from Trump cooked his goose at Fox.

Former US Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia BJay Pak was appointed by Trump. He testified that his office looked into allegations of fraud in Georgia and found none. He paid for his honesty with his job. The Kaiser of Chaos terminated him.

Al Schmidt was the only Republican on the Philadelphia City Commission at the time of the 2020 election. He and his colleagues investigated allegations of fraud and found none. His punishment was to be denounced in a Trump tweet. He was rewarded for his honesty with threats of violence.

Ben Ginsburg is a prominent Republican election lawyer. He represented the Bush campaign in its 2000 Florida electoral challenge. He examined the suits filed on behalf of Team Trump and found no evidence of fraud.

The evidence shows that Trump knew that his claims of fraud were baseless. The Big Lie was born early in 2020 when Trump claimed the only way he could lose if there was massive fraud. He may have been deranged but he was not deluded. He knew that he was lying, which means he couldn’t plead temporary political insanity even if such a thing were possible.

There was no massive vote dump in Detroit.

There was no suitcase stuffed with Biden votes under the table in Philadelphia.

The only credible allegations of voter fraud have been made against Trump voters.

Projection has long been the Impeached Insult Comedian’s modus operandi. The Big Lie is all projection. The Big Ripoff is all grift.

My writing method for this post is best described as quick and dirty. I wrote it in 45 minutes. I wanted to give our readers my off the cuff reaction to Day 2 of the hearings. It may be a little rough around the edges, but the name of the blog is First Draft, after all.

I never thought I’d agree with Bill Barr, but I agree that the BIg Lie was crazy stuff and complete nonsense. That’s why the last word goes to Split Enz followed by Belinda Carlisle:

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  1. Well, I must say that you did a stellar job writing this article in just 45 minutes! I’m a painfully slow writer, and it would have taken me a couple of hours.

  2. I must say, I admire your ability to use restraint and understatement in your writing. You are far, far too kind to Mr. Ginsburg.

  3. It’s a narrative piece. At this dangerous moment, I welcome everyone who is resisting coup attempts past and present.

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