Malaka Of The Week: Micki Larson-Olson

Republican whitewashing of the Dipshit Insurrection has accelerated since KMac became speaker. The latest example is the hug seen round the world as well as in our featured image. And that is why Micki Larson-Olson is malaka of the week.

Here’s the video of the hug seen round the world:

Who is he now? This character from Starsky & Hutch?

Here are a few odd facts about the extremely odd extremist Malaka Micki:

Micki Larson-Olson is an Air Force veteran who was deployed to Iraq. Nothing odd yet.

She lives in the heartland of American wingnuttery, Abilene Texas. That’s slightly odd.

She’s into dressing up as Captain America and attending Trump rallies as if they were rock concerts. That’s odder.

She stormed the Capitol on 1/6/21 dressed as Captain America and holding two flags. That’s odder still.

During the riot she grabbed ahold of the scaffolding erected for the Biden inauguration and refused to leave peacefully. It took six cops to restrain and arrest Malaka Micki as she screamed, cursed, and called them traitors. That’s criminally odd.

On 9/29/2022 she was found guilty of unlawful entry on to public property. The judge sentenced her to 180 days in jail. That’s oddly appropriate.

She was released from the slammer on 3/9/23. She attended Trump’s wacko Waco rally 16 days later. That’s odder and odder.

She met and hugged the Indicted Impeached Insult Comedian in a New Hampshire diner on 4/27/23. What were the odds?

Here’s how TPM described the hug seen round the world:

“In a clear attempt to appeal to the further-right members of his base, Trump embraced 54-year-old Micki Larson-Olson, a Trump über-fan who’d driven 30 hours to see him speak in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Thursday.

“President Trump, will you please sign my Trump backpack that I carried up to Jan. 6?” she shouted, donning a red-white-and-blue ensemble with a matching wig. “I went to jail for 161 days for Jan. 6. I’m an Iraq War veteran.”


“Patriots, I hear this woman,” Trump said in Manchester Thursday. At one point, he said that he thought the prosecution of Jan. 6 defendants was “so terrible.”

“It’s terrible,” he said. “What they’re saying is so sad, what they’ve done to Jan. 6.”


At the Manchester event, he signed Larson-Olson’s backpack, which was littered with Trump paraphernalia, and gave her the personalized marker he was using.

“It’s so surreal, I can’t believe that,” Larson-Olson said, tearing up, after he left. “The fact that the president knows my story … this most amazing man knows what I went through in the jail. … It’s just crazy. And he gave me the pen.”

He gave something away? For free? That’s the oddest thing so far, he rarely passes up a chance to grift his supporters. He must be slipping.

What would have been more surreal is if Malaka Micki serenaded the Kaiser of Chaos before going in for a hug:

It gets odder still. Unlike her hero, Malaka Micki believes in something other than Trump. She’s an adherent of the Sovereign Citizens Movement, which is classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The SCM’s ideology is murky and incoherent. Click here if you’re game to jump in this cesspool to learn more. Wear one of your pandemic era masks before you go in. It smells like this in there:

After the hug seen round the world, NBC’s Vaughn Hillyard revived a pre-trial interview with Malaka Mickey:

“[Members of Congress] were domestic terrorist inside our Capitol, and I’m going to prove it in my trial,” said Larson-Olson. “Our Congress that’s been stealing elections for a very long time. Our country’s been under admiralty law since 1871.

The admiralty law remark is a reference to a bizarre conspiracy theory pushed by the so-called “sovereign citizen” movement, which holds that the United States was secretly replaced with a private corporation in the 19th century and that individual people can legally declare themselves their own government and be immune from laws.”

Say what? Admiralty law? That’s the law of the sea and has nothing to do with anything else. How odd is that?

Back to Malaka Micki as Cosplay Captain America.

I don’t do superhero movies, but the original Captain America was this kind of patriot:

Malaka Mickey is more likely to be a cop puncher than a Hitler hitter. Joe Simon and Jack Kirby weep.

One more sound bite from the Hillyard archives:

“Asked by Hillyard what she believes the punishment should be for “terrorist” members of Congress, Larson-Olson said, “Execution for being traitors — that’s what our Constitution demands.” She added that “military tribunals are already happening — people are already being executed for the crimes they’ve committed against humanity, the treason and all it’s all happening already.” She did not elaborate on who she thinks has been executed by military tribunal.”

That’s some odd shit, y’all. I don’t know if she’s mentally ill, but it sounds like she is. I don’t know whether to pity or curse her, so I’ll do both.

Storming the Capitol as a Cosplay Captain America wasn’t enough for Malaka Micki. She had to hug it out with her hero. And that is why Micki Larson-Olson is malaka of the week.

We conclude the odd story of Micki Larson-Olson with an odd song by onetime Fleetwood Mac man, Danny Kirwan: