We Want More Than The Wars Of Our Fathers

Sometimes you just have to see it.

A lot of people counseled the protesters to stay home. I’m personally glad they didn’t. In times like these, you shout with whatever voice you have.

And this is why:

The Pentagon says 969 Americans have died in action, including 831 since Bush stood on an aircraft carrier more than a year ago before a banner that read “Mission Accomplished.”

There are going to be parts of this week that will be discouraging. It might feel, for a while, as if those of us who are dismayed at the direction our country has taken are alone again. Look at that picture. We’re not.

Police gave no official crowd estimate of the day’s protest. One official put the size at 120,000, although it took nearly five hours for the procession to pass Madison Square Garden. Delegates meet there beginning Monday to nominate Bush and Cheney for second terms.

Organizers claimed they had turned out roughly 400,000 protesters.