Bad Feith

Go and listen to NPR’s profile of Douglas Feith, Rumsfeld protege, architect of the 1,000 Dead For Bush campaign, and all-around worthless scumbag.

This is the guy who Tommy Franks called “the stupidest fucking guy on the face of the earth,” and the story leaves no doubt that Gen. Franks is a man of unusual perception.

Feith, in his office giving an interview to Eric Westervelt, describes the situation in Iran thusly: We think they’re producing nuclear weapons. We hope the UN does the right thing. If the UN doesn’t do the right thing, we may have to take action.

Good Mr. Westervelt proves he is more restrained than mere mortals by not immediately screaming “WHY IN THE NAME OF GOD SHOULD WE EVER, EVER, EVER TRUST YOU AGAIN?”

God. They’re going to do it again, aren’t they? They’re going to tell us these things and make scary speeches and put Colin Powell up on a podium and tell him to lie and he will, and they’re going to run opinion polls that say what the hell, we might as well bomb another nation of ragheads because we can’t tell the fucking difference after all, we’re too busy paying attention to what size SUV we have and whether our kid stuck the honor student bumper sticker on straight, and another thousand kids are going to die unless we vote these mendacious fuckers, every last one of them, out of office.

A vote for Kerry is not just a vote to oust Bush. It’s a vote to oust Feith, and Rumsfeld, and Ashcroft, and everybody else cluttering up our houses right now, defiling our nation with their airy assertions that 1,000 deaths don’t matter because we waved a colored piece of cloth and sang a song while they perished. A vote for Kerry is a vote to send all of these assholes to the unemployment line, all of them including Dick Cheney who thinks you should sell stuff on Ebay to make a living, and Bush’s campaign workers who think you should take a Prozac if you lost your job and have the nerve to be upset that you can’t feed your kids.

A vote for Kerry is a vote to get all of them out. If that’s not enough for you, try to think: which war do you want your kids to die in? Because Mr. Feith is going to give you a nice variety to choose from.