Ask Dan Bartlett, But Not About the Guard

From Holden:

A few questions from today’s Ask The White House:

Stephen, from Colorado Springs, CO writes:

Dan, Why is it that the president or you will not declare that the documents (CYA Memos) are false and untrue? Certainly if the documents are fakes, then the information in them is false as well.

Let’s hear you and Mr. Bush say they are false and untrue accusations and we can settle all this mess.

Dan Bartlett

We don’t have the technical expertise to determine if they were fake or not. Remember, these supposedly came from the personal files of man who died more than 20 years ago. Thankfully, a lot of expert bloggers and other news organizations did get to the bottom this growing scandal.

Nathalie, from Washington, DC writes:

Will the President come clean about his missing years in the Texas, Alabama, New England Air National Guard?

Why can’t he just release the missing records so we can all get on with our lives?

Dan Bartlett

I wish it were that easy. The President has released ALL the official records the federal government can find. He received permission to spend time in Alabama for a job and met his obligations. Not sure what the reference to the New England Air National Guard is…he was never required to report there. [Holden Note: This is a lie, and Dan knows it. The preznit signed an agreement to that effect when he moved to Boston.]

Danny, from Chicago writes:

Mr. Bartlett, Why did you not question the authenticity of those CBS memos when you met with John Roberts? Why did the White House subsequently release them?

Dan Bartlett

When a major news organization gives you documents they say come from the personal file of a former commander (who has been dead for more than 20 years) three hours before the interview was scheduled, it’s hard to expect me to authenticate them. CBS had the obligation to authenticate them before they were used. They could have also given them to the White House much earlier so we had more time to verify them as well.

Also, we released them because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to see any record related to the President’s military service. At the time, we assumed they were accurate.