Just Guessing

From Holden:

Yesterday the preznit had this to say about the latest National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq:

The CIA laid out a — several scenarios that said, life could be lousy, like could be okay, life could be better. And they were just guessing as to what the conditions might be like. The Iraqi citizens are defying the pessimistic predictions.

So, if the CIA was “just guessing” about Iraq and the preznit knows that conditions are different, no, better than what the CIA described, what is the source of his information? I don’t mean to be Rumsfeldian, but what does he know that the CIA does not know, and how does he know what he knows?

Is the CIA “just guessing” about North Korea’s nuclear weapons, or the development of nuclear weapons technology in Iran? What about al Qaeda, is the CIA “just guessing” about them, too?

I’d like to see the press corps ask him about the CIA’s guesses tomorrow when he takes some questions with Allawi.