In Your Face, Georgie

From Holden:

John Kerry hitting Bush with his own words:

Before the war, the president said that there were lots of terrorists causing the trouble; that’s why we had to go to war. Just yesterday he says to the American people, now that we are at war, that there are only a handful of terrorists. And yet only two days earlier Prime Minister Allawi said, That’s not true, thousands of terrorists are crossing the borders and entering into Iraq. It has become a magnet for terrorism. And that is what Secretary of State Colin Powell said. We have an administration in disarray.


George Bush just yesterday said, he was just — the CIA was just guessing on Iraq. Just guessing, America? The CIA? They’re not just guessing. They’re giving the president of the United States their best judgment. It’s called an analysis. And the president ought to read it and he ought to study it and he ought to respond to it.