The Answer

Whenever Kerry confronts him on Iraq Bush keeps coming back with, “I think the world is better off with Saddam out of power.” And who can disagree with that, really? So far the Democrats haven’t come up with a very succinct response to it, but over at Atrios’ crack den today, A Jesus Democrat absolutely nails it:

Kerry should turn around and say Mr. President the world would be better off without Kim Jong-il of North Korea, the Mullahs in Iran, Bashar Assad of Syria, yes and perhaps even Fidel Castro of Cuba.

So will you re-institute the draft and take care of these evil dictators in your second term, Mr. President?

Some of these nations and leaders cooperated more with international terrorists and pose a much greater threat to our national security as well as world stability than Saddam ever could or would have even in his wildest dreams before we invaded Iraq.

That’s exactly what he should say. “Which war do you want next, Mr. President? Iran? Syria? Turkmenistan? Where does it stop, Mr. President? Where does it end? How much do you think the American people are willing to take before you go to the United Nations and ask for the help you should have asked for three years ago? How many American soldiers have to die before you stop and think about this pre-emptive policy of yours?”