I Have Two Questions

From Holden:

Yesterday your preznit said:

And the CIA came and said, this is a possibility, this is a possibility, and this is a possibility. But what’s important for the American people to hear is reality. And the reality is right here in the form of the Prime Minister.

Question 1: The CIA’s National Intelligence Estimate, delivered in July and prepared during prior weeks when conditions weren’t as bad in Iraq as they are now, did indeed outline three possible scenarios for the future of Iraq ranging from continuing the instability we see today to a full-blown civil war. My question to Mr. Bush is which of the three NIE scenarios supports his theory that Iraq will become a beacon of freedom where the clouds are made of cotton candy, the rivers run with chocolate, and cats and dogs live in harmony?

Question 2: Bush says we should listen to Allawi because he knows what is really going on in Iraq. My question is who wrote Allawi’s speech? It sounded suspicously like a Bush campaign speech. Why can’t we hear Allawi’s asssesment of conditions in Iraq in his own words? Surely he knows more about the subject than any of Mr. Bush’s speech writers.