Strangled by Puppet Strings

From Holden:

British hostage Kenneth Bigley’s brother Paul is pissed, and with good reason:

Paul Bigley, the brother of British hostage Kenneth Bigley has lambasted the US government for “sabotaging” moves to free him.


Paul said his brother, a civil engineer, had been granted a “stay of execution” when Iraqi authorities announced that they would free female Iraqi prisoner Dr Rihab Taha – a key demand of the hostage-takers. But Taha, a former germ warfare specialist for Saddam Hussein, is in US custody and American authorities in Iraq moved swiftly to say she would not be freed. Qassim Da’ud, an Iraqi minister of state, today confirmed Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi would not be releasing her.


Paul told Today that Britain and the US should keep out of what should be an internal Iraqi affair. “Mr Blair can go fishing as far as I’m concerned. He hasn’t got to call or do anything. All the powers have to do is allow the Iraqis to conduct their own internal affairs.”

He further said that “They have been handed sovereignty to conduct their business on a day-to-day basis. A judge has made a legal decision to release three people, one female and two males. The minister of justice has endorsed this. “Based on this, together with my personal lobbying, in the background, in the Middle East, we had a stay of execution and we had saved my brother’s life for at least 24 hours. That was a shadow of light in a big, long, dark, damp, filthy, cold tunnel. Now this has been sabotaged.”

He added: “Is this a puppet government or are the Americans moving the goalposts to suit their own aims again?”