Guilty Pleasures of the 101st Keyboarders

From Holden:

On October 8 the warfloggers will have something other than porn to hide on their computers, because that’s when a new videogame will hit the streets:

Signup today – Free Trial – to receive 20 KumaWar missions including JOHN KERRY and the men of SWIFT BOAT PCF-94, an amazing re-creation of the actions in 1969 that earned Kerry the Navy’s second highest honor. Re-create the events for yourself! Built using advanced game tools, this simulation puts you in Kerry’s boots, in command of a Swift Boat on the Mekong Delta in 1969. Includes broadband video news show, real-world intel, satellite images and the background you need to understand a key issue in this year’s presidential election.

Of course, there’s been a video game version of Bush’s Vietnam-era exploits available for some time now.