The Insurgency

From Holden:

An Arabic newspaper published in Baghdad, Baghdad al-Zawra, recently published a survey of the different insurgent groups in Iraq that has been translated into English by the CIA. It’s an interesting who’s who, someone should read it to the president.

There are at least seven separate insurgent groups fighting U.S. troops and nine groups carrying out the kidnapping and killings of foreigners in Iraq, according to an Iraqi newspaper.

There are three main Sunni groups, and five separate factions within them; two Baathist groups; and two Shiite insurgent organizations, according to a recent issue of the Baghdad al-Zawra in Arabic — a weekly published by the Iraqi Journalists Association and translated into English by the CIA.


A significant percentage of the foot soldiers of these groups, however, are nationalist Iraqis who simply want the occupation to end, and who are likely getting paid to fight.

Sunni factions:

— The Iraqi National Islamic Resistance, the 1920 Revolution Brigades.

— The National Front for the Liberation of Iraq.

— The Iraqi Resistance Islamic Front, known as JAMI.

— Hamzah Faction

— Iraqi Liberation Army

— Awakening and Holy War

— The White Banners

— al-Haq Army

Baathist factions:

— al-Awdah (The Return)

— Saddam’s Fedayeen

Shiite factions:

— Al-Sadr group: The al-Mahdi Army

— Imam Ali Bin-Abi-Talib Jihadi Brigades

The factions that carry out the abductions and slayings:

— Assadullah Brigades

— Islamic Retaliation Movement

— Islamic Anger Brigades

— Khalid-Bin-al-Walid Brigades and Iraq’s Martyrs Brigades

— The Black Banners Group

— The Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Group

— The al-Tawhid wa al-Jihad Group

— The Islamic Army in Iraq

— Ansar al-Sunnah Movement